Another Teen Murdered in Shelby, Likely Gang Related!!   Shelby Daily Liar obviously Covers up for City!!   Uses “Code Words” and leaves out details!!!   The Star Reporter likely NEVER went to the crime site to Report!!   The REAL Cover-up is discovered!!!?? Get rid of Commissioners and School Board majorities in 2024!!   Report, conclusions and predictions by Robert A 

The Shelby Star, commonly called the Shelby Daily Liar is no longer located in Shelby. And it shows. Same old lies and selected cover-ups and now reporters that never go to the crime scene. Whether it be a murder scene or a School Board or Commissioner’s Meeting, run by the likes of twins Robert “Luke” Queen and Kevin “Mad-Max” Gordon.


In particular, the Star article in this week’s edition titled “Shelby teen-shot-killed near family’s home” is a prime example of the planned deception orchestrated by City of Shelby officials and the MIA Shelby Daily Liar.


First, the 17-year-old teen shot and killed was Deshawn Jones who, other news reported, was a student at Shelby High School. The location, according to the Star was “near some city housing in the 800 Block of Logan Street.” It is a known fact that Shelby’s “Housing Authority” makes the City of Shelby the biggest “slum-lord” in the city of Shelby. And Logan Street is well known for its shootings and killings.


The Star article also stated that when shots were fired and officers arrived, multiple people were there. “but they told investigators that they didn’t witness the multiple shots being fired.” “Nobody saw nothing” is the typical indicator that all those involved were black, members of a gang and if anybody “squeals” they will be the next target for a stray bullet.


Also, other news reported that there were other police calls that very same night in that same neighborhood of “Shots being fired.”


It also seems that the various reports from the Star, Fox News and WBTV TV News were all based on reports from the Shelby Police Department. NO reporters were on the scene and the “race” of the murdered teen was not mentioned by anybody. Or gangs. Even though Black Gangs shooting and killing each other in and near that same neighborhood is commonplace.



What is NOT commonplace is the fact that property near and around that area of Logan Street appears to be highly over-priced for high crime areas.


Although that might seem strange, it appears the properties along the Shelby Rail Trail and Thread Trail are being sought out by outside developers with local ties for future projects. And now the City of Shelby is seeking a $25 Million Grant to build the Rail and Thread Trail. Could it be that real estate speculators are buying up slum areas for almost nothing and will be tremendously jacking up the prices closer to the time when the City of Shelby starts buying up the slum properties at highly inflated prices.


Maybe now we are getting a true picture. Gangs, high crime and killings in an area are driving real estate prices down so real estate speculators can swoop in and buy low. Then turn around and sell high to the City of Shelby when Shelby gets that grant money they are lobbying so hard for. And, the Shelby Star makes big money in real estate advertising.


Folks, is all this crime and killing a cover for real estate land scams? Like at the Cleveland County trash dump land scam? Or the Economic Development land scam? We will probably find out soon enough. And Robert A will have the opportunity to say, I TOLD YOU SO!! AGAIN!!!



Robert A says vote AGAINST this third attempt to raise SALES TAXES on the 2022 Election ballot Referendum!!


Robert A says be prepared to defeat three Commissioners and five School Board Members in the 2024 elections.


Wake-UP Cleveland County. Aren’t YOU tired of being screwed-over???  Again, and Again??

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