Month: June 2010

District Attorney Prosecutes Vegetable-Asks for Prison Time!! -Reported by Robert A. Williams

Please re-read the 2008 Citizens For Good Government Article “Kim Newton-Murder or Accident?? A Mother’s Quest for Justice.” For your convenience that article is added to the end of this article. Then come back and read the rest of this article. You will understand what is meant by prosecuting a “vegetable.” You will only begin to know how sorry the Judicial System is and how injustice prevails in Cleveland County.

Two Lawsuits Filed Against DSS, Director and Workers Too- Lawsuit Going to Federal Court?? –By Robert A. Williams

The full report of these lawsuits will be a series of reports and articles. For the convenience of readers, the Citizens For Good Government will modify our website categories to better keep track of this breaking news. For those that have had bad, unethical or illegal treatment from the DSS and would like to help stop the corruption at DSS, please contact me at or call me at 704-538-8257.

Political Crime Part II The Rest of the Story!! Letter to the CGG Transcribed by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This “letter” was written from an anonymous caller. The fact is I do remember what happened years ago and who was involved. I smelled a “rat” in the Nicole Chapman story from the start. The way the Star kept running the same story over and over and making a big deal of Nicole Chapman when they had knowledge of the cover-up for the politically connected woman. Same as the Star runs down David Morrow, me and just a few others that the “in-Crowd” doesn’t like.