Month: May 2010

Political Crime North High School Teacher Arrested for Sex with a Student –Inside Story by Robert A. Williams

By now most have heard that a female North High School teacher, Nicole Chapman, resigned from her teaching job and was then arrested for the felony crime of a teacher having sexual relations with a male student. According to the law, there are no age difference requirements for making this charge. Nicole Chapman faces ten years in prison for this offense.

Debbie Clary vs David Morrow-Part III The Assault that Never Was? –An Assessment by Robert A. Williams

THREE full weeks now and no criminal charges have been brought against David Morrow in his so-called “assault” against Debbie Clary. An assault that supposedly happened in a room full of people and nobody who saw anything to back-up Debbie Clary’s story has been found by the Star. “I smelt a rat” the first time I heard this story and if you haven’t smelled a rat by now, you might as well just forget about this story.

Gangs, Guns, Knives and Harassment at Burns High School Students Threatened and Afraid Faculty, Sheriff’s Department, School Board and Skippy Foster in on the Cover-up Reported By Robert A. Williams

A concerned parent called me today with the report in this article. She called Skippy Foster first and went to personally see him about this. But Skippy didn’t want to offend the School Board or uncover the cover-up or something. So the concerned parent walks across the street to the Courthouse and talks to some lawyers. The lawyers send the concerned parent to me. I get most of my best stories this way.
First of all, I did not personally see any gangs, guns, knives or sexual touching of female students by male teachers. Or personally hear any threats to students that they would be suspended from school and not be able to graduate if they told anybody about this. But I believed the report that I was told and want to help protect our children from the bad things that happen in this world. I also believe that our Schools and our Government Agencies should be properly supervised and directed. Also, our new internet capabilities give everyone concerned here the ability to present their side of the story. So, School Board Members and Administration, Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Candidates, Burns High School Faculty and Administration, JROTC and Military Officials, and even Skippy Foster, This report is about YOU. And we demand to hear from YOU. YOU are all Public Officials, Public Figures or you are involved in an issue of great importance to the public. We expect and demand your answer to the allegations that will be reported in this article. Our contact information is located in a prominent location. If you don’t respond to these allegations, that will be reported too.
Now, If you don’t care about protecting children or seeing to it that our Schools and Government do the right things, please go on to the next article right now. Otherwise, READ ON!!!