Speaker of the House Tim Moore buys $320,000 Luxury Condo in Downtown Raleigh!! Turns out to be a Bargain! Maybe? Report by Robert A. Williams

A few years ago Tim Moore was criticized for buying a building of some sort in Raleigh, staying in the building and paying himself for the use of the building out of his per diem or expense reimbursement for when he was in Raleigh as our Representative (My representative I might add) and on the people’s business. This was checked out well and nothing came of it except some temporary bad press from a “Fake News” media outlet.

Tim Moore was also recently criticized for a group of investors he represented and was a part of who bought an abandoned and bankrupt chicken plant around Asheboro, got some environmental issues taken care of and resold the property at a profit that some thought was excessive. The town of Asheboro was happy and the 900 people who went back to work were happy . Hey, I was happy too. Private enterprise worked well for Tim’s private economic development project. We ought to turn our economic development in Cleveland County back over to private enterprise and save all those millions of tax dollars Commissioner Eddie Holbrook and the other commissioners are giving away as bribes ( they call them incentives) to bring a handful of jobs to Cleveland County while over 20,000 county residents are on Foodstamps because of unemployment or underemployment.

Now, it looks like somebody has finally found the “goods” on Tim Moore and we are bound to report it.

The attached property tax record from Wake County (Raleigh) shows Timothy K. Moore bought a Condo at 301 Fayetteville Street in Raleigh for $320,000. The attached description of the Condo indicates it is a luxury Downtown Condo whose rental value is $1,800 per month. This is definitely proof positive that Tim Moore is sticking it to us taxpayers for his own benefit!!!

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Or, does it???

The location of the Condo is walking distance to the General Assembly buildings where Tim works. So, Tim doesn’t have to drive so much back and forth to work at the General Assembly and saves on parking fees. Driving back and forth to Cleveland County for County Commissioner meetings is another matter.

If you take this $1,800 per month rent value of Tim’s Condo and divide by 30 days per month, you get $60 per night.

If you research Motels and Hotels in Downtown Raleigh as near to the General Assembly as Tim’s Condo, the Holiday Inn goes for $138 per night and the Sheraton goes for $198 per night. So, $60 per night begins to sound very reasonable. And no time is wasted checking in and out every weekend. Carrying luggage in and out, etc.

Tim’s Condo has kitchen and laundry facilities too. Another benefit and time saver at no extra cost.

So, overall, it appears Tim is living within the means of his normal expense account for the expense and per diem he is paid for doing his duty as a representative of the people while away from his residence in Cleveland County. Tim’s residence, per the State Board of Elections is in Kings Mountain and has a 2017 tax value of around $203,000. Tim has to reside in the district he represents as per State Law.

So, Tim resides where he is supposed to reside in n a home of moderate value considering his occupation. The Condo in Raleigh has to be considered a second residence, an investment like many have, which Tim smartly uses to his lawful advantage.

Of course I have major issues with how Tim’s position as Speaker of the House AND as County Attorney appears to be taken advantage of by the County Commissioners to get laws changed to their advantage and not to the citizens advantage, but that is the voters responsibility-to vote out the bad commissioners and elect good commissioners.

Therefore, unless there is something else going on that has not been disclosed, I say “Case Closed” on this particular Tim Moore report and “No action needs to be taken.” A little smoke, but no fire. I don’t say that very often about the doings related to Cleveland County government.

So, Stay tuned folks and keep the reports rolling in about our elected and appointed leaders. Despite what Commissioner Eddie Holbrook, says through his “Adam4Adam” surrogate, this ain’t no Fake News Outlet. And Eddie Holbrook is running for election and is obligated to disclose his record in office. All I do is report the facts, not hide from them like Eddie “Massa Willie Lynch” Holbrook and a few others.

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