Political Smackdown and Trusted Sources Report on New Laws Regarding CCC BoT Appointments!!! The Who and maybe part of the Why of the “Deal”!!! The CCC BoT’s protection of Executive VP Kennedy also protects Holbrook’s $125,000 job!!! For doing nothing??? Report by Robert A. Williams

For those trying to follow what is actually going on at Cleveland Community College it is readily apparent that there are political forces and political “deals” afoot that go all the way to Raleigh. It is just as apparent that the new CCC President Dr. Jason Hurst from Alabama is outside this political “loop” and his ability to right wrongs at CCC in any sort of meaningful way in a reasonable time frame is limited by the CCC Board of Trustees. And who is appointed and by whom. In the present gridlocked situation Dr. Hurst’s efforts to change the culture of corruption at CCC can only be accomplished by the citizens and voters of Cleveland County getting themselves informed and this group of “We the People” getting out on Election Day and doing our part.

The Breaking News about the two new laws previously reported on came from the CCC sponsored Political Smackdown episode first recorded and played today. CCC BoT Chairman Wes Westmoreland was a participant in today’s episode but gave little away about the depth of the problems at CCC. CCC Vice Chairman Wayne King is often a participant on Political Smackdown, but not today.

But first, Sources report the need to make a correction to my previous article. This report was verified by NC Sessions Law 2018-127 (HB-1083)

The report states: “Wayne King was appointed by Senator Phil Berger; Dennis Bailey was appointed by Speaker of the House Tim Moore. Part of the ‘deal,’ which I really don’t ‘get.’” The source report is correct and I stand corrected. I must note that the attachments I added to my articles correctly showed the various appointments.

Reports further state:
“CC commishes at final (June 5, 2018 Commissioners Meeting) were split 3-2 for Wes; the reason for the 5-0 (June 19, 2018 Commissioner’s Meeting) vote was the ‘deal.’ For whatever reason, Tim (Moore)/(Eddie) Holbrook/(Johnny) Hutchins wanted Wayne (King), but Susan (Allen), Ronnie (Whetstine), and finally Doug (Bridges) were committed to Wes (Westmoreland). So, on 19 June they vote 5-0 for Wes, knowing Tim would run the bill the following day. (And that Wayne King would be appointed by Senator Phil Berger and Dennis Bailey would be appointed by Tim Moore on HB-1083.). (This confirms my articles regarding the June 5, 2018 Commissioner’s meeting where I opined that something major was coming down that the public was being kept in the dark about. The “dark” has now had some sunshine cast upon it.)

“Tim (Moore) called in no doubt a ‘favor’ with (Senator Phil) Berger for a local bill to run so fast; why they wanted Wayne on Trustee’s so bad is a mystery to me still at this date” another report stated

“FYI, don’t give me up, but something doesn’t make sense yet.” (Meaning “do not reveal my identity!” I WON’T.)

According to Mike Philbeck on today’s Political Smackdown “I can tell you that, in my opinion, former Shelby City Councilman Dennis Bailey is highly ethical, and will get info detail, and no one will ‘lead’ him around unless he actually believes they are right.”

Sources report that this probably sets up interesting exchanges between Bailey and Wayne King at some point. This is good as the CCC BoTs need more discussion, at meetings and in open session, to show the citizens of Cleveland County that not everything is done illegally behind closed doors.

Folks, none of the information provided by these sources was discussed by the Cleveland County Commissioners at their June 5 and 19, 2018 meetings in open session as required by North Carolina Law, but discussed they obviously were-illegally.

So, who needs governmental officials doing illegal business?? My point all along.

Folks, Stay Tuned for the rest of the news as I hear it. Read and heed. Or stay ignorant of the goings on in Cleveland County.

PS: One thing mentioned on the Political Smackdown piece turned on a light for me. The discussion where Westmoreland stated the new CCC President Dr. Jason Hurst was very capable and learning fast. I immediately realized two things. Not only is Commissioner Chairman Eddie Holbrook involved with influencing Speaker of the House and County Attorney Tim Moore to push hard to get these recent two new laws passed as a political scheme to get himself, Holbrook, re-elected. But Holbrook also wants this new found CCC BoT appointment power given to the Commissioners to cover up the mess at CCC and protect Executive Vice President Shannon Kennedy’s job so that his own $125,000 per year job is also protected. It is always Holbrook’s MO to make sure the light is shined on someone or something else and not on the root of the problem–Commissioner Eddie Holbrook himself. With the new President on board and competent, the Executive VP (Kennedy) and Senior Dean of Development and Governmental Relations (Holbrook) positions, Number two and three on the CCC Salary Chart for over $250,000 per year are no longer necessary. That is totally obvious since these jobs were never “necessary” to begin with. Kennedy and her rapid advance due to her wannabe paramour former CCC President Steve Thornburg and Holbrook because longtime CCC BoT Chairman Hoyt Bailey “liked” him.

Again, folks, stay tuned!!! This never ending story could very well come to an end if enough voters get themselves informed and vote. Also remember that the 2020 elections include a majority of county commissioners up for re-election. Anybody we don’t get rid of this time, maybe we can get rid of them next time.

Also, those good commissioner candidates who didn’t file in the partisan races in this years Commissioner’s election, you can file as a write-in candidate for the November 6, 2018 General Election. All you need is to fill out some paperwork, get 100 verified signatures on a petition and get the paperwork in by August 6th. Call Clifton Philbeck at the Cleveland County Board of Elections for the paperwork and answers to your questions.

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