More Breaking News about Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees!! Another New Law Appoints Wayne King and Dennis Bailey to BoT!!! Sheriff Alan Norman Resigns from BoT!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Things should be sizzling at the July 10, 2018 Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees meeting. And I am not talking about the hot weather.

As I stated in my last article about CCC, a new law, Sessions Law 2018-15, has taken away all CCC BoT appointments from the Cleveland County School Board (four appointments) and the Governor (four appointments). Now the Cleveland County Commissioners will appoint eight BoT members and the NC General Assemble (Speaker of the House and Senate President Pro Tempore) will recommend four appointments. The Sessions Law 2018-15 has a signoff for Tim Moore for the Speaker of the House and Bill Rabon for the Senate. Representative Kelly Hastings has informed by email that Bill Rabon is not the Senate President Pro Tempore. I do not know what difference that makes, but request Tim Moore and Kelly Hastings to explain that to us.

Now, there is an even newer law, ratified June 29, 2018; Sessions Law 2018-1083 (that is attached) which has started making appointments to various boards and commissions across the state. These including Wayne King to the CCC BoT as well as Dennis Bailey. According to this new law Wayne King will be appointed by Tim Moore and Dennis Bailey will be appointed by Warren Daniel to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff Alan Norman. This has to mean that Sheriff Alan Norman has resigned from the CCC BoT. The Democrat Governor would certainly not have appointed Republicans Wayne King and Dennis Bailey to these positions. So, whatever negatives this new law may have, these appointments are not one of them.

Other news from Sessions Law 2018 is Sheriff Alan Norman has been appointed to the North Carolina Sheriff’s Education and Training Standards Commission term that expires June 30, 2021, a position much better suited to the skills and talents of Sheriff Norman than the scandal and gridlock on the CCC BoT.

Also, Allen Langley has been appointed to a statewide Pest Control Commission and Commissioner Johnny Hutchins has been appointed to a State Mining Commission.

From the timing of the ratification of both Sessions law 2018-15 and 2018-1083, it appears the fast action of the CCS School Board to appoint Chris Monroe to the CCC BoT was a last gasp effort to make their final appointment to the CCC BoT. I suspect they were forewarned about the coming situation with the CCC BoT appointments. A reminder and reinforcement of my read on all this as being a planned political scheme masterminded by Commissioner Eddie Holbrook to get himself re-elected ad a Commissioner and maintain his lucrative $125,000 salary at CCC without any discernable related educational requirements, duties and accountabilities as Senior Dean of Development and Governmental Relations. Can anybody tell us just exactly what that position is and what the holder, Eddie Holbrook, actually does?

Folks, Come on out for the July 10, 2018 CCC BoT meeting at 12PM at CCC. See for yourself just how little you will learn about the actual doings of CCC from your experience. All the while remember that all CCC business is to be conducted in public. And wonder, like me, how the BoTs can vote to approve anything on the information they refuse to discuss in front of a crowd of us, the “We the People” of Cleveland County.

Also, Note that I have been notified that the Governor cannot veto a “local bill.” That pretty much covers Sessions Law 2018-15 which is only for CCC. This House Bill HB1083, Sessions Law 2018-127 may be another matter.

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