“Adam4Adam” Is A website for Homosexual Dating, Queer Trolling and perverted “Hooking Up” Also where Commissioner Eddie Holbrook gets his re-election surrogates!!! EEOC “Right to Sue Letter” already Issued Against Commissioner Eddie Holbrook!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

The Democrat Party is well known for advancing “gay rights.” Gay being associated with LGBT and other such acronyms that, to me, represent just different brands of troubled perversion and individual perverts and what they do. Since many in this “gay” community have lived all their conscious lives in a lie, lying is just a natural thing for them to do. And, then there are Democrat Politicians such as Commissioner Eddie Holbrook, himself well known for his lying and deception regarding his record and actions in office, who recruit the most troubled of these perverted gays to attack persons like me who accurately reports on Commissioner Holbrook’s shady doings and dirty deeds.

It’s an old trick for Politicians such as Eddie Holbrook. It is called an “ad hominem attack.” When you can’t defend yourself against the truth of the matter, you attack the person who makes the truthful report on a personal level, with lies and false gossip. A technique often used by Commissioner Holbrook that is well on the way to bringing a Federal Lawsuit down on Holbrook’s head. In an incident that has already cleared the Federal EEOC, which has already issued a “Right to Sue Letter” against Eddie Holbrook and perhaps other commissioners.

As for the ad hominem attacks on me, I have already sent the following message to all the Commissioners in an email dated May 15, 2018 to all the Commissioners, County Manager and the County Attorney.

Commissioners, et al,

Thanks for all the ad hominem attacks you ALL are sponsoring on Facebook and in the gossip circles. It is an old trick; make the story-the Elections; about me instead of you. It is a hoot. Please do not stop them for I find the attacks to be great encouragement to make the elections about you; the candidates AND incumbents, where it should be.

Thanks again,

Robert A. Williams

PS: See all y’all tonight.

As you can seem, Commissioner Eddie Holbrook’s recruiting of a “queer boy” to make false and proven false allegations against me don’t phase me a bit. But Holbrook already knows I am not afraid of the false attacks. Holbrook is banking on the ignorance of Cleveland County voters to allow his ad hominem attacks on me to hide the truth about him. So, I am trying to inform the public with public records and Holbrook is trying to hide the truth. Hey, this is Cleveland County where ignorance has often prevailed over the truth. Holbrook’s tactic may very well work again. But that is on you Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public. Not on me.

Stay tuned for the Breaking News about the Commissioners taking over control of the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee appointments. Cleveland County Schools and the Governor shut out by law. NC Sessions Law 2018-15 ratified June 20, 2018. I will attach that law to the article.

See, I don’t need to attack anybody personally. The truth speaks for itself. If you are smart enough to listen.

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