A Leopard Can’t Change Their Spots!!!– Cutthroat Political Intrigue in School Board Race??? –Focus in Democrat Primary Political Commentary and Analysis by Robert A. Williams

Everybody in Cleveland County has heard the sob story from School Board member Kathy Falls and her media complaints and a lawsuit against the Cleveland County Board of Elections that has cost taxpayers around $80,000 so far in lawyer bills. All because Kathy Falls didn’t want to have to change her voter registration from Unaffiliated and she also did not want to have to collect the 2,535 verified signatures that was required to run for office without going through the Primary Election Process.

Well folks, we have been watching Kathy Falls shenanigans we noticed Kathy Falls went on a trip to Alaska during all this lawsuit hearing stuff, leaving others to gather her signatures for her. We might encourage voters to sign Kathy Falls Petition to run for office, but that is only because of the principle that anybody that is serious and qualified should be able to run for office, unaffiliated or not. We certainly would not recommend anybody vote for Kathy Falls for the elected office of a school Board member here in Cleveland County.

All that being said, please note that we, as always, keep our eyes and ears open to what is going on around us. And this article is not about the political intrigues of Kathy Falls. This article is about much deeper political schemes and intrigues that go way deeper than anything Kathy Falls has pulled. Read on!!!.

We have requested and received information under the Freedom of Information Act and North Carolina Public Records laws regarding the voter registration history in Cleveland County of one Rebecca Powell Boggs, more commonly known as Jo Boggs. These records go back 39 years. We are thorough in our records checks. We don’t want to get any pertinent facts wrong or make misleading statements.

Records (attached) show Jo Boggs registered in Cleveland County as a Democrat on October 2, 1978. Jo Boggs remained affiliated with the Democrat Party for 38 years until February 17, 2016 when she silently and stealthily changed her registration to unaffiliated. Then on July 6. 2017, with more silence, stealth and under the cover of Kathy Falls media blitz, Jo Boggs changes her registration to Republican.

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