Pinnacle Classical Academy holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!!! –Doing Education Right!!!– Report by Robert A. Williams

The Pinnacle Classical Academy, the highest performing public school in Cleveland County, held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony today to open their brand new home facility after a few years in temporary quarters at the old Hallelujah Acres location. It is estimated that 500+ attended the ceremony. Cleveland County School Board member Danny Blanton was the only CCS school board member in attendance and appeared to be the only CCS related person there, although many former CCS teachers and personnel have flocked to Pinnacle since its beginning.

Former NC Senator Debbie Clary opened the ceremony with another former NC Senator Wes Westmoreland, the PCA Headmaster and others joining in with words of wisdom. A sense of pride, accomplishment, and knowledge that things are moving forward in the right direction (which is different than just saying you are “moving forward.”) filled the air. And rightly so. The dream of a higher education system, better facilities built within budget and schedule, high expectations, even higher performance and a well documented success that nobody can deny all came together at this Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Smiling faces were everywhere at this ceremony.

But smiling faces were not everywhere. Except for Danny Blanton the other CCS Board members have thrown off on the success of Charter Schools such as PCA while all CCS schools founder in comparison. Danny Blanton was there to see for himself what PCA was doing right while the rest of CCS was off pouting somewhere. Avoiding the obvious question, Why can’t CCS perform like PCA and other Charter Schools? It is noted that Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees member H. Allen Langley, nominated by the CCS Board, has also enrolled his children in the Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, another Charter School nearby in Rutherford County.

Folks, Pinnacle Classical Academy is “doing” education right in Cleveland County. Isn’t it about time that we demand that the 15,000+ other students in Cleveland County have that same educational opportunity???

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