Nazi Tactics by the Cleveland County DSS Continue Even after having to Pay Off a Federal Lawsuit!!! Nobody Held Accountable at DSS–then or now!! Report forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note:
Not long ago the Shelby Star reported that the Cleveland County Department of Social services and the Cleveland County Commissioners had to pay Rev. Dante Murphy $55,000 for unconstitutional acts against Rev. Murphy as an employee of CCDSS. Rev. Murphy had announced his resignation from DSS at a County Commissioner’s Meeting and asked the Commissioners to investigate such wrongdoing by DSS. The Commissioners did nothing, DSS did nothing, Rev. Murphy filed a Federal Lawsuit, DSS employees under oath and in deposition admitted guilt and DSS/Cleveland County was forced to negotiate a settlement with Rev. Murphy and ended up paying $55,000. Not one person at CCDSS was disciplined or reprimanded, even after having to admit that wrongdoing went all the way to the top at DSS.

Now, DSS is at it again. They haven’t learned their lesson and neither have the County Commissioners, especially Jason falls and Susan Allen who were on the DSS Oversight Board.

But folks, don’t believe me. The following unedited written report to me as well as an in person interview with the victim’s mother is attached below. Get out your checkbook, it is very likely you will soon be paying for the continued wrongdoing at DSS once again. DSS seems unlikely to change their ways but cases like with Rev. Murphy and this one that get into YOUR checkbook may change your habit of staying home on Election Day. Also, Remember that the mess with the school Board regarding the banning of the Fair exhibit and the numerous scandals at Cleveland Community College are not all the bad things going on in Cleveland County. We cover them all. If you want the truth, you better come here.

PS: There are many things regarding this case that cause me to question other things that are going on at DSS. Please expect other articles that will come out of these questions. You might be very surprised.

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