Six Democrat School Board Candidates Face the Public Next Thursday!!!– TEA Party Forum to be Held at Bethel Baptist Church August 17th at 6:30 PM !!– Report by Robert A. Williams

The Shelby TEA Party has announced their August 17, 2017 meeting, held at the Bethel Baptist in Shelby at 6:30 PM will also include a forum for the six Democrat Candidates running for the School Board in the Democrat Primary that will be held September 12, 2017 unless changed by a Judge’s Ruling in the Kathy Falls Lawsuit Case. Taxpayers will pay the cost of the Democrat Primary which is estimated to cost $40,000 to $50,000. The four Republican School Board Candidates will not have a Primary Election to contend with. Kathy Falls may or may not be on the November Ballot, depending on whether or not she obtains the 500 verified Cleveland County Registered voters required for her qualify to have her name on the November Ballot.

Smart and savvy citizens and voters in Cleveland County who are incensed over the scandals at Cleveland Community College and the trickery by the School Board in their nominations for the CCC Board of Trustees should realize that if they are registered Republican voters, they may change their registration to Unaffiliated or Democrat in the next few days (By August 18th), vote in the Democrat Primary and then change their registration back to Republican after the Democrat Primary Election.

Those of you who have followed the gridlock and scandals at CCC must be wondering how all the mess came about, why do the special interests still remain on the CCC Board of Trustees and what can be done about it. Well, this is an election year for the School Board, who appoint four Board of Trustee members to the CCC Board. If you want to make a change at CCC, you must vote to change out the School Board members who are partly responsible for the mess that CCC is in and totally responsible for the mess at CCS. If you want a change, you must help make a change.

Changing your registration from Republican to Unaffiliated or to Democrat in the next several days will allow you get a jump start in making changes by winnowing out the worst Democrats in the Democrat Primary Election and then voting for the Republican candidates in the General Election on November 7, 2017. Odd year Elections, especially Primary Elections are notorious for low turnouts. General Elections too. In the 2015 School Board Elections over 50,000 voters stayed home on Election Day and those few that voted put the same crowd back on the School Board who have appointed four of the CCC Board of Trustees who have been voted to maintain the gridlock at CCC against the will of the people. Remember, this will not hurt any Republican candidate for the School Board as they do not have a Primary Election this year. All of this is legal and practiced by the smart voters in Cleveland County. Democrats too when Republicans have a Primary Election and Democrats don’t.

But remember, do this quickly as time is running out. August 18th is the last day to get your registration form to the Cleveland County Board of Elections. I recommend filling out the form and delivering it in person to the BOE on Patton Drive in Shelby.

Now, for your convenience, a list of the Democrat Candidates and their political record will be provided in the next several days for your assistance in evaluating the Democrats who will receive your vote in the Democrat Primary Election on September 12, 2017. Stay Tuned!!

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