Newest Scandals (and Cover-ups) already Reported in 2018!!! CCS Under Federal Investigation, ALWS and More! Report by Robert A. Williams

Well Cleveland County, and you 52,000+ voters who stayed home for the 2017 Elections, your chickens are coming home to roost in 2018. Besides some of the leftover scandals I am investigating from 2017, the scandals reported in these first few days of 2018 indicate Cleveland County is rotten to the core. If all 63,000 Cleveland County voters stay home on Election Day 2018, we will finally confirm that nobody cares about the rotten government in Cleveland County.

Until then:

1. Reliable sources report that Cleveland County Schools are under Federal Investigation by the Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Education for Title IX violations. Reports say a formal complaint by a local person of the Title IX violations has caused the Civil Rights Division of the USDOE in Washington, DC to open a formal investigation in this matter. USDOE investigators and lawyers are reported to be heading to Shelby as early as next week.

Reports indicate that at least part of the investigation will look at the massive inequity in educational resources going to the Shelby High School sports facilities to support the American Series World Series while relatively small amounts of such resources go to other CCS facilities. A five second look at the Shelby High School Baseball Field by the federal investigators will sink CCS as well as the Cleveland County Commissioners headed up by Eddie Holbrook, all in one big whack across the head. If the county taxpayers have to ante up funds to every other CCS facility in Cleveland County to equal what Shelby High School has received, it will bankrupt us all.

Folks, expect the worst in this investigation. Even the most casual of observer must have known that it was not fair (or legal) for Shelby High School to get such massive funding and everybody else gets very little. Yet, we keep re-electing the people who have done this to us. Expect no mercy from the USDOE Civil Rights Division for you deserve no mercy.

2. Reliable sources report that a former Burns High School employee (Ronald Lee Burns) was arrested for illegal sexual acts including four counts of statutory sexual acts against a minor child by an adult and seven counts of indecent liberties with a child. Ronald Burns address was 154 Harbor Point Drive, Cherryville NC. This is a Moss Lake Address near that of County Commissioner Susan Allen.

While under bond with Jay Teddy Bail Bonds, Ronald Lee Burns sold his home on Moss Lake, packed up and moved to parts unknown. According to Jay Teddy Bail Bonds Facebook page, Ronald Lee Burns is a Most Wanted Fugitive from Justice and was last seen on July 4, 2017 in the Kingston, New York area. If anyone has information of the whereabouts of Mr. Ronald Lee Burns, please call Mr. Jay Teddy or the Cleveland county Sheriff’s Department.

But the issue I have is with Cleveland County Schools and how many sexual perverts they seem to attract. And then cover-up when they, the perverts, get caught. Lots of articles coming about the sexual misdeeds going on at CCS. But, what the hey!. Voter in 2017 elected a sexual predator to the School Board. Now all sworn in and “legal.” If there is such a thing as Karma, maybe the children of the voters who elected the sexual predator to the school board will be the ones who are molested by perverts like the Ronald Lee Burns’s. And there are bound to be more that have not been caught yet.

So, talk to your children. Know what is going on. And blow the whistle, loud and long if there are problems. You can bet CCS administrators will protect the perverts and their “system” if they can. That is what they do. If you don’t know that by now, ask yourself why you have not heard about the shenanigans of Ronald Lee Burns?

3. More reports of adultery going on at Shelby Middle School and other schools. Stay tuned folks, this newest report may be included with what I learned recently at the Cleveland County Courthouse. Otherwise, I will report this separately at another time.

Folks, there are three commissioners up for election this year. The Sheriff. The DA. State and Federal offices too. Wake up and smell the roses in Cleveland County Government. You will likely find that you are not smelling roses. Get yourself informed and get out to vote. If you don’t, you (and all of us) will pay the price.

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