More Troubling News From School Board’s Lack of Oversight and Cover-up at Cleveland Early College! Students Complain Their Principal is Often Missing in Action–School Board and Administration Awards him “Principal of the Year” –Report forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Cleveland County Schools, under Board Chairman Phillip “Bully” Glover and Superintendent Stephen Fisher, have turned CCS into what appears to be an upside down world of lies and deceptions. At least as it relates to the right thinking and moral core of the citizens of Cleveland County. Here is just one more example of that as I have received this report from reliable sources close to the Early College.

Of course the whole arrangement at the Early College is suspect and deceptive.

The LeGrand Center at Cleveland Community College houses the Early college, the secret Economic Development Partnership and a bunch of ball rooms and party rooms. CCS, CCC and the Commissioners teamed up (some would call it “conspired”) to build the LeGrand Center to send more work to high priced and low performing architects Holland and Hamrick (where, for example, building costs for the new North Shelby School Project are $220 per square foot and building costs for the new Pinnacle Classical Academy are $115 per square foot).

And, then there are the scandals at Cleveland Community College where allegations are CCC has dumbed down so-called college classes at CCS High Schools so more High School students would pass and CCS and CCC would obtain more funding. CCC refuses to properly investigate and properly address that issue at the other High Schools, so who can believe they are not doing the same thing at the Early College.

And, then there is the fact that Commissioner Chairman Eddie Holbrook’s wife, with no training or experience in high level management that I am aware of, has landed the position of Director of the LeGrand Center with a pay level of Number 10 on the list of CCC Employee salaries that I have previously published in past articles. The scandals at CCS and CCC just keep on keeping on.

Anyway, The report as I received it is that the Early College Principal, Titus Hopper, over the past year or so has gone missing in action for many half days and many whole days totaling several months. So much time was missed when his services were needed caused students to send an email message to the School Board asking for help. As the report went, Hopper was missing so much time and was going to miss even more time, so eventually he was put on leave going forward and other CCS Central Office Administration folks took over while Mr. Hopper was gone. No accounting of the original missing time when Titus Hopper just took off was reported to me. But hey, Call and Ask Board Chairman Bully Glover and Superintendent Stephen Fisher about how all this came down. If they say they don’t know anything about this, just know they are lying. I always send copies of every article I write about CCS to them and ask for their comments. And I do mean every time with every article about CCS.

Then, while so many other Principals worked everyday and often extra hours without pay, Titus Hopper is awarded “Principal of the Year” by the School Board under Chairman Bully Glover and CCS Administration under Bully’s twin (seemingly joined at the hip) Superintendent Stephen Fisher.

So, what is the morale of the story at CCS as shown by this example. Work hard and diligently and you get passed over. Take off months in total time and get rewarded. Now we know why there is such a high turnover among teachers, Principals and others at Cleveland County Schools. And they lie about that too.

And this is not an isolated incident. Crest Middle School Principal Amy Jones was awarded “Principal of the Year” a couple of years ago and then transferred to Bethware. Then the State Report comes in that Crest Middle School Performance, under Amy Jones, had dropped to failing scores.

Folks, Stay home on Election Day and watch your kids grow up to be dummies. If you want things at CCS to change for the better, keep on reading my articles. (PS: I recommend Danny Blanton, Rodney Fitch, Robert Queen and Kevin Whisnant for the School Board. As soon as I get a Sample Ballot and Mark up the recommendations, I will explain my recommendations clear enough so everyone can understand. So, plan to get out to vote November 7th.)

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