Kathy Falls gets Break on Signatures!!! General Assembly Rewards Falls’ Bad Behavior Report by Robert A. Williams

Despite all the bad behavior from School Board member Kathy Falls, her complaints and lawsuit that cost taxpayers lots of money, the North Carolina General Assembly has passed a law that only affects Cleveland County in 2017 only and probably only lazy Kathy Falls in particular.

Basically, after all is said and done, the new law allows unaffiliated registered voters and registered voters running under the “Petition Process” to only have to get 500 signatures of Cleveland County registered voters instead of 2,535 signatures on a petition that has to be filed with the Cleveland County Board of Elections by September 22, 2017. Unless someone else gets a wild hair, this new law will only benefit one person, Kathy B. Falls, who will be able to skip the primary elections and have her name on the ballot in the General Election November 7, 2017. Smooth sailing for Kathy Falls, never known to work a job in her life.

Now, the question arises, Why did the General Assembly limit the Kathy Falls law to just 2017? Why not include 2018 and from now on? Why should Kathy Falls be the only person that will ever benefit from this new law? Aren’t we supposed to be a country, state and county where everyone is treated equally? Speaker of the House Tim Moore, Representative Kelly Hastings and Senator Warren Daniel, please answer those questions!!!

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