All Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees are Dishonest and Un-Trustworthy and apparently Proud of it!!! Proof by Robert A. Williams

Readers, First of all consider yourself on a jury and EVERY CCC Board of Trustee member is on trial and charged with being dishonest and untrustworthy as I have stated in the title of this article. Each reader is the Jury Forman. You are to consider the BoTs innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The BoTs have the right to remain silent and always do remain silent. And my job as the prosecuting attorney in this article is to prove them dishonest and untrustworthy beyond a reasonable doubt using only North Carolina law, eye witness testimony, facts and evidence that are public documents and public records that everyone has the right to see. Stay tuned folks, this won’t take long.

Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury, this case is simple. The Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees are required by North Carolina Law with the running and operating the Cleveland Community College in accordance with North Carolina Law and the Policies the Board of Trustees pass to carry out that running and operation of the college. The BoTs are required by North Carolina Law to hire and supervise a President of the college who will carry out NC Law and Board Policies that adhere in all ways with law and policies.

The First order of business for the CCC Board of Trustees is to conduct regular Board 0f Trustee business meetings, open to the public, and in accordance with North Carolina Law. The BoTs are responsible to keep fair and accurate records, called “Minutes” of these meetings that fairly and accurately describe EXACTLY what happened in these BoT business meetings. Not necessarily verbatim records, but fair and accurate descriptions nonetheless. These Meeting Minutes are drafted up, reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees and, when approved, become legally recognized historical record documents that describe what happened in that BoT business meeting.

Further, Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury, I will introduce as proof of the charges of dishonesty and untrustworthiness of ALL BoTs the official minutes of the November 14, 2017 CCC BoT Business Meeting that was unanimously approved by the CCC BoTs at their January 9, 2018 Business Meeting even though full of obvious inaccuracies. So many inaccuracies that it had to be a planned scheme, a conspiracy, to issue so many inaccuracies that were unanimously approved by the BoTs and has now become an official record. Also, it must be stipulated that an inaccurate record is the same as a false record. And a false record is a dishonest record which is an illegal record. It goes on and on. And since all the BoTs joined together, conspired, in approving a false, dishonest and illegal record; they are basically criminals as conspiracy is a felony crime.

The proof is this:
1. In the November 14, 2017 minutes that were approved unanimously, under the Public Comment Section there were seven public speakers. There were four entries regarding voicing “concerns” where the actual concerns noted were not described at all in the minutes. This is despite a previous number of complaints made directly to the CCC Board of Trustees in writing as well as one speaker, Mrs. Brendan LeGrand, directly addressing this same issue at this same meeting where she requested that more information be added to the minutes, citing transparency and accuracy being very important historical factors (as well as legally required in meeting minutes). It is also important to note that Dr. B. J. Zamora questioned the Presidential Search Process in the November 2017 meeting and the BoTs are moving full speed ahead without taking any heed to address Dr. Zamora’s questions. Or, for that matter, anybody’s concerns or questions.

2. The Election of the BoT Vice-Chairman: The minutes state that Wayne King was nominated by the nominating committee for Vice-chairman. The minutes go on to say “Coming from the Committee, no second is required.” This is a misleading statement as per Robert’s Rules of Order a second is not required for any such nomination. Also, after Mr. King is nominated Allen Langley submits a motion to close the nominations and elect the nominee by acclamation. Incorrectly the vote was held to elect Wayne King as Vice Chairman when the proper and required parliamentary action was to first vote on Langley’s motion to close the nominations. This was never done and lays the board open to legal actions for not properly conducting business, although this would never occur unless Wayne King is ever called upon to Chair a meeting. The BoTs were notified of this error yet took no action in the January 9, 2018 meeting to correct their mistake. Therefore, the BoTs, when notified of a probable honest mistake, make it an intentional dishonest mistake by not correcting the mistake at the first opportunity.

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