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Serious Allegations Made about High Level Cleveland County Officials !!! Reported to and forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The following serious allegations regarding a senior level county official are reported to the Cleveland County Commissioners for their investigation and appropriate disciplinary action. This report is made in this fashion for several reasons: 1. A public report is about the only way to make the commissioners do anything. 2. A somewhat similar […]

Commissioners Appoint Michael Cheng to the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees!!!– Completely Silent about Every Scandal at June 20, 2017 Meeting!!!–Short Meeting-Maybe a Record!!! –Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The Cleveland County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously on appointments to five separate Boards at their June 20, 2017 Commissioners meeting. Not one word of discussion was uttered by any commissioner on any of the appointments. Actually, there was not one word of discussion about anything voted on in the meeting and every vote was […]

Part XIII: Cleveland Community College–Personnel Salaries —Report by Robert A. Williams

Several folks have asked me how to get the salaries of Cleveland Community College full time employees? You gotta ask for it in no uncertain terms. I filed a request to CCC under the Freedom of Information Act s well as North Carolina Public Records laws. I got a response in record time. I modified […]

County Issues “Media Release” Regarding Reports of Killing Cats!!! No Verification Provided–No Mention of Scandal at Landfill, Shooting Range and Animal Control. No Response to Freedom Of Information Requests !!! Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Well, Well, Well !!! The Commissioners have finally responded to something. They have issued a “Media Release” that I have included at the end of this article. Please read this “Media Release” and show me where there is verification for anything that they have stated. I have nothing to hide (except I do not identify […]

Hey, Cleveland County Commissioners !!! How Many Bullets Does it Take to Kill a Cat??? –Question by Robert A. Williams

As of this past Monday we have over 100,000 “hits” on this website the past 10 days reading our articles. Those numbers increased significantly due to the articles about the scandals at Cleveland Community College and the report regarding the killing of cats that were turned loose at the county shooting range. Every article was […]

Cleveland County scandals – what’s next?

Shelby, NC — Presently, there are a couple of scandals that are still being discussed among the people. First, there is the issue regarding the president of Cleveland Community College, Dr. L. Steve Thornburg. Scandal number two concerns the recently resigned Cleveland County employee, Sam Lockridge, who headed the landfill, the animal shelter and the […]

Animal Control + County Landfill Account for 2,223.4 Tons of Dead Animals (Dogs, cats, livestock, deer parts, fowl and sludges) Between July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 According to Sam Lockridge!!!! This year’s report not in yet. –Report by Robert A. Williams

North Carolina Law requires solid waste landfills to file a yearly report on what goes into landfills. Sam Lockridge filled out last year’s report for the Cleveland County Landfill. A trusted source sent me this report that is shown at the end of this article. Note that on the bottom of page 3 of the […]

Animal Control Turns Cats Loose at Shooting Range– Then Shoots Them All !!!??? –Report by Robert A. Williams

Besides the news that alleged sexual misconduct that caused Health Department honcho Sam Lockridge to be placed on paid administrative leave, then Lockridge submits his resignation, I receive information from the husband of one of the women who filed complaints that Commissioner Johnny Hutchins hung around with Lockridge a lot and was almost as bad […]

CCS Board Chairman Opening Driving School !!?? Let the Truth Come Out!!! –Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

An anonymous call came in to me today reporting that Cleveland County Schools Chairman of the Board of Education Phillip “Bully” Glover was opening a private Driver’s Education School in Shelby, NC. This school called Safeway Driving School is located off the Highway 74 bypass near Sweet Frog Yogurt. The call alleged Glover already has […]

Seems like the walls are talking

Shelby, NC — What a couple of weeks this has been for Cleveland County. Actually, what a couple of days it has been IN Cleveland County. First, the community college and the scandals that have overtaken the chatter in the county, and then, the mess with the Cleveland County employee who has resigned, effective June […]

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