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Breaking News!!! CCC Narrows Search for New President!!! Dr. Shannon Kennedy Leads Candidate Vetting Efforts??? —Report by Robert A. Williams

The Super Moon occurred last night. Mercury is in retrograde. Just when you think it might be time for the stars to align and bring sanity to the Cleveland Community College, you find out otherwise. Just in case you have forgotten, the former longtime CCC President Steve Thornburg was fired (paid to leave) due to […]

November 27, 2017 School Board Meeting Shows Why The School Board will Lose their Federal Lawsuit!!!– So will the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees!!! –Report, evaluation and analysis by Robert A. Williams

Lawsuits are won or lost based on the law and the facts of the matter. No amount of silence, cover-up, propaganda or plain old lies to the public by the school board will change that. No amount of excuses or finger pointing will either. When all the sworn testimony, under penalty of felony perjury if […]

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against School Board September 11, 2017 for Civil Rights Violations!!! Kept Secret Until After Election!! Corruption Rules Cleveland County! –Report by Robert A. Williams

But it is a secret no longer!! We have a full copy of the lawsuit and you can read for yourself what happens and who gets the legal blame when government agencies go wrong. And all you 52,000 voters who stayed home on Election Day and the majority of the 9,500 voters who got it […]

School Audit Report Withheld from School Board until last minute by CCS Administration!!! No time for Board Review or Questions!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

The School Board Meeting scheduled for November 6, 2017 contained an agenda item #7.01 titled “Audit Report” The total purpose of this item was for the School Board to Review the Audit Report. A note on that Agenda item also stated: “The Audited Financial Statements for the Year Ended June 30, 2017 are presented for […]

Mystery Collaboration or Collusion at the LeGrand Center??? Most likely going to Cost Taxpayers a Bundle!! Just like the Earl Scruggs Center, ALWS, the Shooting Range and Everything else being done in the name of Economic Development!! And More!! –Just the Facts–by Robert A. Williams

The first fact in this article is the LeGrand Center has already cost taxpayers a bundle. The as built cost of $19 million borrowed for an original price tag budget of $12 million. About the same MO as the Earl Scruggs Center, The American Legion world Series, the Shooting Range and everything else being done […]

Best and Worst of Cleveland Community College News!!! We Tell it All!! –Report and opinion by Robert A. Williams

I have requested a copy of all of CCC Press Releases under the Freedom of Information Act as well as NC Public Document Laws. Normally CCC only provides “Good News Only” information to the Star and other media that publishes it and never asks any questions. I ask questions. I also publish other information related […]

Cleveland Community College– “Jezebel” looking for a King??? You Decide!! –Questions by Robert A. Williams

I was sitting on the front row during and at the end of the CCC Board of Trustees Meeting held November 14, 2017 when a person in the row behind me slipped me a handwritten note. The note read “Please ask Mr. Westmoreland and Mr. Langley about their private meetings with Shannon Kennedy.” So, I […]

I am Offended!!! The Holy Bible and Christian Prayer Kicked out of Schools yet Gay Rights Training and Books are brought in and paid for by tax dollars!! –Report, Opinion and Official Complaint filed by Robert A. Williams

This Article is written as an Official Complaint to the Cleveland County School Board s well as the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees. In a previous article I mentioned hearing of a “situation” at Shelby High School where a special class has been set up to serve the gay Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender And […]

CCC Infested with Rats!!! More Falsified Documents From the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees!!! And More Stupid & Illegal Stuff from the same Nitwits!!! November 14, 2017 CCC BoT Meeting 12:00PM—Come see for yourself!! Remember, It is Rude to Laugh out Loud!! –Report By Robert A. Williams

Rats are smart enough to jump off a sinking ship. The Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees appear to be dumber than rats. They jump back on the sinking ship known as the Cleveland Community College. Or stay on board when it would be better for everyone if they all just left. Folks, since I […]

Calling Out Alleged Sexual Predator–Coleman Hunt!!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

I am calling out Coleman Hunt, recently the second highest vote getter in the 2017 School Board Election as an alleged Sexual Predator. The allegations reported to me are from a trusted source and made in front of trusted witnesses. I believe them to be 100% true. My first articles regarding the 2017 Democrat School […]

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