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Part XV: Cleveland Community College Salaries Top Heavy!!!– By a Wide Margin!!! –Report and Math by Robert A. Williams

Folks, from reports I am getting the Public Record I asked for and published regarding salaries at CCC has caused an uproar. And for good reason. I did a little mathematical evaluation of the list of salaries that shows the salaries are extremely top heavy. Some of this stuff is technical, so pay attention. The […]

Part XIV: The List the Scandals at Cleveland Community College!! –Report and recommendations by Robert A. Williams

A reader called regarding my Part XII article that evaluated all the individual Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees. The reader believed I was a bit harsh in my evaluations. His discussion focused mostly on the fate of disgraced CCC President Steve Thornburg. It was then that I realized most of the public think and […]

Part XIII: Cleveland Community College–Personnel Salaries —Report by Robert A. Williams

Several folks have asked me how to get the salaries of Cleveland Community College full time employees? You gotta ask for it in no uncertain terms. I filed a request to CCC under the Freedom of Information Act s well as North Carolina Public Records laws. I got a response in record time. I modified […]

Part XII: The Rest of the Do Nothing Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees-Gridlock Guaranteed!–Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note 1: The many and varied scandals at Cleveland Community College that have only recently been publicly exposed have in fact been festering for years. There have been several layers of delay and cover-up. First, the CCC Staff and Administration leadership have used threats and intimidation regarding employment to keep employees quiet. Next, Staff […]

Part XII: Patsy Rose Speaks Out at June 6, 2017 CCC Board Meeting–Former Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee Member and Major Donor tells CCC Board of Trustees She is Stunned, Hurt and Disappointed by the lack of leadership by Present Board!!! Wants Her Name Off of the Building!!! –Forwarded by Robert A. Williams

The following is a copy of the prepared statement Former CCC Board of Trustees Board Member Patsy Rose presented to the Board of Trustees under the Citizens Recognition portion of the CCC Board Meeting held June 6, 2017. Mrs. Rose also added that she wanted her name “off the building.” More about the June 6, […]

Part XI: The Plot Sickens with CCC Scandals. Thornburg to use Shelby Star Report as Basis for Lawsuit against Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees!!! Stupid Board’s Delay in Firing Thornburg for Cause Backfires on Board!!! Information relayed to public by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note Folks, you gotta read the following email I just received from a trusted confidential source. The email is hot off the press and has not been altered or revised one bit. Also, scroll on back and read the several articles written about the ineffective CCC Board of Trustees. The Board’s stupidity and delays […]

Part X: The Cleveland Community College Scandal Saga– Do Nothing Board of Trustees: A Scandal all by Themselves!!! —Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

In the Star reports on the looming departure of long time Cleveland Community College President Dr. L. Steve Thornburg and other articles you hear very little about the overall scope of the problems at CCC. If you saw the recent edition of Political Smackdown you hear CCC Board of Trustee member Wes Westmoreland more or […]

Part IX: More Scandals at Cleveland Community College!!!– Non Existent Office of Executive Vice President??? Dr. Shannon Kennedy??? –Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Much ado has been made about the alleged shenanigans of the Cleveland Community College President Dr. L. Steve Thornburg. His lack of judgment in his college computer system password “fuckshannon69” and various variations such as “fuckedshannon69” and his long parking sessions sessions with Dr. Kennedy in the college front parking lot with all those office […]

Part VIII: Cleveland Community College Scandals: Ineffective Board of Trustees!!! Report and Introduction by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: By now most folks realize the scandals surrounding the Cleveland Community College are also intermixed in responsibility with the Cleveland County Board of Education and the Cleveland County Commissioners. This is the eighth part we have published and we are not even half way through. The situation is complicated and I have made […]

Part VII: Cleveland Community College Scandals!!!– More Opinion from Readers and Colleagues Collected and Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This Editorial written and published by Hal Trammel reminds all of us that Cleveland Community College President Steve Thornburg could not have allowed all the many alleged misdeeds at CCC, CCS and the Commissioners all by himself. More heads need to roll. besides Thornburg. Like the CCC Executive Vice President, the CCS Board […]

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