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Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees to take another Illegal Vote in Meeting-October 17, 2017!!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

Folks, in general terms everybody knows it is a crime to falsify government records. In particular, NC law requires government agencies like the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees to make clear and accurate records of their meetings. At the last CCC BoT Meeting held September 12, 2017 the Board voted to approve falsified records […]

Cleveland Community College– Executive Vice President Takes Lie Detector Test??!! –CCC Refuses to give Results!! –Report & Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Sources have reported that Dr. Shannon Kennedy, Cleveland Community College Executive Vice President, has already voluntarily submitted to “lie detector” testing for the Board of Trustees and the results are being withheld. For everybody’s information I have previously requested, under the Freedom of Information Act as well as North Carolina Public Records laws, all documents […]

An Open Letter to New Cleveland Community College Interim President and Board of Trustees. –And Public Record Requests –By Robert A. Williams

August 6, 2017 Dear Dr. Aiken and the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees, My first reports from Cleveland Community College regarding Dr. Aiken taking over as Interim President on August 1, 2017 was that there was a lot of “apple polishing” going on at CCC. Next I see the agenda for the August 8, […]

Two Registered Sex Offenders Attend School Function with CCS Permission!!! –Neither Sheriff’s Department nor School Board Notified in Advance!!!– School Board Policies Violated!!! CCS Cover-up Mode in Progress! –Report by Robert A. Williams

Sources have informed us that two registered sex offenders requested permission from CCS to attend a school function and Superintendent Stephan Fisher granted them permission. Fisher allegedly did not notify the School Board nor the Sheriff’s Department about granting such permission. School policies allow such attendance in special circumstances but require escorts for each registered […]

More on Thornburg!!! –Alleged Involvement in More Sex Scandals & Possible misuse of Credit Cards!!! –Thornburg ally, President of NC Community Colleges, Resigns–Gives no reason!! Report by Robert A. Williams

There is an old saying, “When it rains, it pours.” This is typical of scandals too. When Cleveland Community College President L. Steve Thornburg got caught using that “vulgar” password (“fuckshannon69”) after ten years and the word got out, Thornburg had to go. Only an “ostrich-like” (head in the sand) CCC Board kept Thornburg from […]

A New Sex Scandal at Cleveland Community College–Or Not??? –You Decide !!!!–Report by Robert A. Williams

Former CCC President Steve Thornburg was caught with having a “vulgar” password (fuckshannon69) on his College Computer System for ten years and it ended up costing him his job and his reputation. Former CCC Board of Trustees member and now re-appointed by the School Board Allen Langley has a bit of explaining to do with […]

Special Called Meeting For Closed Session–CCC Board of Trustees–Sunday 6 PM July 30, 2017–No Action Taken!!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

First of all the CCC Board of Trustees are getting better at a few things. They gave proper notice for this meeting according to NC Law. They followed NC Law when they went into Closed session and when they came out of Closed Session. They followed their agenda except for one thing, a good thing. […]

Mrs. Phillip :Bully” Glover, wife of the Chairman of the School Board, accused of Unethical and perhaps illegal Election Year Activity related to Bully’s re-election campaign!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

This is part of the message I received at 10:33 PM tonight from a reliable source. The message speaks for itself. “Regarding the school board election I have information from a reliable source that Mr. Glover’s wife is utilizing her school email account to solicit support for her husband, including asking coworkers and others to […]

Part XVII: July 11, 2017-A Day that Will Live in Infamy At Cleveland Community College!!! –Shannon Kennedy to be Next President of CCC??? –Board of Trustee Gridlock, Lie Detector Tests, Conflicts of Interest Allegations and Total Board Incompetence Cost Taxpayers and Donors $200,000 with more losses and scandals sure to come!!! Report and evaluations by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Notes: While writing Article Part XVI (Published July 8, 2017) about the CCC Board of Trustees meeting held June 11, 2017 regarding the many scandals and the leadership crisis at Cleveland Community College, which have been magnified ten times over by cover-up, gridlock, and what appears to be all around bumbling (seemingly on purpose) […]

Breaking News!!! –Cleveland Community College President to Leave July 31, 2017 To get $150,000 Severance Pay + $50,000 for accrued time!!! –Cleveland County School Board Member Donnie Thurman, Jr. Announces he will NOT run for re-election!!! –Reports by Robert A. Williams

The Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee Meeting today (July 11, 2017) was a marathon lasting over seven hours, including over five hours in a closed session with three lawyers. Lots of discussion and lots of gridlock too during the open session as well as in the closed session. Lie Detector Testing for CCC President […]

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