Federal Lawsuit has guilty School Board running Scared!!! City of Kings Mountain Throws School Board Under the Bus!! Report and Proof by Robert A. Williams

Scroll on back to my article published November 30, 2017 regarding the Federal Lawsuit filed against the Cleveland County School Board for Civil Rights violations. This is not the same situation as the article published just a few days ago regarding another Federal Investigation of Civil Rights violations at Cleveland County Schools. With so much dirty stuff going on at CCS it’s a wonder there are not more lawsuits. But it is still very early in 2018 and an Election Year too. I expect more lawsuits to come, and soon.

What I did not report before was there was an additional Federal Lawsuit associated with the events reported in my November 30, 2017 article against the City of Kings Mountain as well as against Kings Mountain Policeman Shane Davis-personally. This article will update you on the goings on regarding both Federal Lawsuits. Just because the School Board refuses to tell the public what is going on certainly does not mean nothing is going on. On the contrary. There is a lot going on and the School Board is running scared, for good reason.

First, a little information on lawsuit processes.

When a lawsuit is filed a process begins that often takes several years before it comes to trial. Or a settlement is reached. First the lawsuit is filed. These are Federal Lawsuits and were filed in the US Courts, Western District in Asheville, NC.

The original filing by the Plaintiff is called a “Complaint.” This complaint states the facts and events regarding how the Plaintiff was “damaged” by the Defendants as well as what the Plaintiff says what laws were violated by defendants and what the Plaintiff seeks to recover from the Defendants.

Usually the Plaintiff has 30 days to provide an “Answer” to the Complaint. This 30 days can be extended by a Federal Judge upon proper request. The Federal Lawsuit against the City of Kings Mountain and Policeman Shane Davis followed this process and both the Original Complaint and the Answer is attached at the end of this article for your convenience.

The School Board took a slightly different approach. One that is common when the Defendants have vast sums of money to pay lawyers and the Plaintiff does not have such unlimited funds as the School Board. Us Taxpayers are paying the lawyer bills for the School Board whether we like it or not. Hey, we just elected a sexual predator to the school board. We deserve to have to pay for our stupidity.

The very highly paid School Board lawyers filed a 68 page “Motion to Dismiss” stating all kinds of legal mumbo-jumbo reasons that the Plaintiffs should not be allowed to sue them. This is like the old saying, “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance-baffle them with bullscat (scat meaning feces)” The CCS School Board is trying to hide behind a high wall of bullscat.

The Plaintiff’s lawyer has until January 8, 2018 (tomorrow) to file his written response to the Motion to Dismiss before the motion is heard in Court before a Federal Judge.

Again, this is the old trick of running up the legal bills for the little people who are seeking justice in Court against the big wheels. Unfortunately this often works. It almost always works in local Cleveland County Courts.

But this tactic is about all the School Board has. The School Board is totally guilty as charged and everybody with just a bit of information knows it. A jury will kill the School Board if they ever get to hear the case.

The City of Kings Mountain and Policeman Shane Davis know that too. That is why their answer to the complaint against them (attached below) states very often that they had no knowledge of many allegations, including knowledge of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) regarding the 15 year old girl that was beaten and pepper sprayed. But that is the crux of the problem for both the School Board AND the City of Kings Mountain. Nobody followed the IEP and the precautions called out in the IEP were not taken and the disaster the IEP was intended to prevent was not prevented. Clear and simple.

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2 Comments for “Federal Lawsuit has guilty School Board running Scared!!! City of Kings Mountain Throws School Board Under the Bus!! Report and Proof by Robert A. Williams”

  1. Rev. Dante A. Murphy

    One of the unfortunate backlashes of a lawsuit is that organizations being sued are forced to abandoned truth and divert to coverup. I say this humbly because I well understand why governments and institutions lie and divert from truth. This process begins at the onset of a “wrongdoing” event. For example, the SRO was wrongfully pulled into a situation that escalated into excessive and “unnecessary” force. This is obvious to any reasonably thinking person. However, the school system and/or police department’s admission to this mess-up literally hands over (without a fight) at the least thousands, if not millions of dollars, to the person that suffered the most-a mentally disabled child.

    The backlash to the backlash is an abandonment of justice and the fundamental teachings we wear all taught as children to “just tell the truth.” As a first responder to the family in seeking retribution for the crimes and abuses that happened towards a mentally disabled child, I am still in awe as to the neglect of the child’s IEP and reckless intervention by school staff.

    While I personally approach many issues from a racial perspective, I think the issues go much deeper to that of organized corruption. Donald Trump’s declaration during his presidential campaign that “the system is rigged” hinged on prophetic speech because of the truth woven into the fabric of rhetoric. While the world mocks him for his unprecedented and nonconformity to presidential decorum, I am more convinced now than ever he will do more for America, perhaps unintentionally, than any other U. S. President in history. In that, he continues to give America a bird’s eye view of what corruption is made of in America.

    The true test of Trump’s presidency will be seen after his departure from office. What will America do with all that the Trump administration has shown the world. What will we do with the firsthand knowledge that women and minorities have been exploited and “pimped out” for years without any real avenue for safety or recourse. What will we do with the knowledge that America embraced an inexperience and a unrehearsed Donald Trump while failing to elect a well experienced and well rehearsed “business as usual” politician. Will President Donald Trump’s presidency resinate in the hearts and minds of America a preference for the “naked truth” as a opposed to a “dressed up” lie.

    Cleveland County Schools and Kings Mountain Police Department should embrace truth, fix the problem, and pay the debt of an unfortunate error in the handling of “TW” (a mentally disabled CHILD). Cleveland County and the world should be outraged over the treatment of this family and the system’s refusal adequately respond in the aftermath.

  2. Robert A Williams

    Rev. Murphy,

    Thank you for your well thought out and to the point comment.

    Folks, Rev. Murphy has first hand knowledge and experience regarding organized corruption in Cleveland County. Rev. Murphy filed a Federal Lawsuit against the Cleveland County Department of Social Services and won a substantial settlement. Rev. Murphy has proven that one person can go up against a corrupt governmental agency and win. I suspect the disabled child, “TW,” in this case as well as Ms. Wanda Leonard and others at Cleveland Community College will all win in their Federal Lawsuits.

    Sometime soon the corrupt “swamp” in Cleveland County will be drained by a flood of Federal Lawsuits. Such corruption has only been allowed to flourish because Cleveland County Voters have refused to do their duty and throw out of office those elected officials that support such corruption.

    Pay attention folks. Someday you may be required to serve on a jury.

    Robert A. Williams

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