December 11, 2017 School Board Meeting: Sexual Predator Sworn In–Fits right in with CCS!!! Shows New Approach to Shutting Up Danny Blanton No Auditoriums at Burns and Crest High Schools And More –Report and evaluations by Robert A. Williams

Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, Adultery, Sex with Students, Sex with Children: It’s All the Same at CCS–They don’t talk about it. Or report it to Authorities or the Public! Most of all, they don’t do anything about it. Is that an Obstruction of Justice or what???

The fact is, none of that matters. Because Cleveland County voters, the 13% that showed up on Election Day 2017, elected a sexual predator to the school board; the Predator was sworn in at the December 11, 2017 CCS School Board meeting. I have already mentioned his name in several previous articles so I won’t belabor that point. Scroll on back if you want the details on that. All you folks that voted for the Predator and all you 52,000 voters who stayed home on Election Day 2017, you are about to get what you deserve. Elections have consequences. Besides, there are bigger fish to fry in the 2018 Elections.

Also, I have not reported the School Board’s response to my articles and emails regarding that as they have not done anything to investigate the allegations themselves and apparently don’t intend to. Since I have not given up any of my sources and I don’t intend to as CCS and the voters will not do anything anyway. Therefore, I am going to shift attention a bit to larger issues. Anybody interested in the Predator can go digging around at Burns High School and Washington Elementary and find out for yourself about the mis-adventures of your newly elected school board sexual predator recruited by Jo Boggs and key to re-electing Bully Glover to the School Board.

What I am going to do in the near future is report other cases and situations I have become aware of and continue to name names until I am done. And I will start with a situation I learned about from observing a Felony Jury Trial at the Cleveland County Courthouse involving an alleged theft from Shelby Middle School. The new Shelby Middle School that was built for over 800 students, but only has about 400 students presently attending. Meaning the $16 million for the New North Shelby School was totally wasted as the leftover capacity at Shelby Middle School could have easily absorbed the 85 students going to North Shelby and still have plenty of room left over. The situation at Shelby Middle School seems to have started over a complex series of adulteries three levels deep and covered up by high level personnel at the CCS Central Offices by perjured testimony. All indicating a culture of corruption at CCS and how far the corruption goes within Cleveland County Governmental Agencies to cover-up the corruption. This article will include CCS, specifically the Shelby Middle School and high levels at the CCS Central Offices. The District Attorney’s Office as well as the Shelby Police Department and Superior Court Judges. And worst of all, a tainted jury pool who fight amongst themselves to ignore the truth of a case so they can go home to supper. A jury who throws out justice for their own convenience. A jury who is so ignorant, because of their lack of education in Cleveland County Schools, that they don’t have a basic grasp of how justice in the USA is supposed to work.

The article in the context of the Shelby Middle School trial will be the beginning of a series of articles regarding such things as the execution of a likely innocent man. The DA’s Office turning loose a female convicted of First Degree Murder because they lost her paperwork. An egregious case of alleged sex offences that started in Cleveland County, moved to South Carolina and back to North Carolina that will be a major issue in the 2018 race for the Sheriff of Cleveland County. That’s right folks, you heard it first from me. Be sure to stay tuned for some barn burning articles that are based only on the truth of the matter.

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