CCC Board of Trustee Member Responds to Article: Report that Shannon Kennedy is vetting CCC President Applications !! Report and response by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note:
CCC BoT Vice-Chairman Wayne King has responded/commented on my article regarding CCC Executive VP Shannon Kennedy being allowed by the CCC BoT to vet the applications for President of the Cleveland Community College by email as shown below. For your convenience the original article is also shown at the end of this article. That is so you can see for yourself what was actually stated in my article.

From: Wayne King
Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2017 6:10 AM
Subject: Re: Report that Shannon Kennedy is vetting CCC President applications


I want to clear up at least one major issue with your editorial piece. I’m not sure where you received your information that I had given my support to any candidate who has applied, however, that is factually inaccurate and I would appreciate you correcting your editorial.

I think you know me well enough, if I were supporting a candidate I would state that publicly. For you to assume or use some source which is unnamed to verify something inaccurate is quite troubling to me.
If you desire to get the facts straight if you are including my name a simple email asking me would be appropriate.



Wayne King Sent from my iPhone

Editor’s Note No. 2?
For those that have not yet picked up on my MO from my articles and how I form the basis for my opinions, let me state again that I attend various Board Meetings and pay attention to what goes on. I pay attention to what is said and I pay more attention to what is not said or not done that should be said or done. One simple example is that the full CCC BoT’s heard with their own ears when I once spoke up under Citizens Participation during a CCC BoT meeting and suggested the BoT add a “Pledge of Allegiance” to the US Flag to their Board Meeting Agenda. I had found the absence of the Pledge disturbing to me. I find it even more disturbing that the CCC BoT did not pay any attention to my suggestion for them to say the Pledge, to continue NOT saying the Pledge-actually knowingly refusing to say the Pledge as they were reminded. They continue to ignore the basic respect that is due to our Country, not to me for reminding them. In my opinion they are just as bad and “traitorist” as those who “take a knee” to the National Anthem.

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