Breaking News!!! CCC Narrows Search for New President!!! Dr. Shannon Kennedy Leads Candidate Vetting Efforts??? —Report by Robert A. Williams

The Super Moon occurred last night. Mercury is in retrograde. Just when you think it might be time for the stars to align and bring sanity to the Cleveland Community College, you find out otherwise. Just in case you have forgotten, the former longtime CCC President Steve Thornburg was fired (paid to leave) due to going crazy over a pretty face on a younger woman. His Executive VP Dr. Shannon Kennedy. The subject of his fantasy (only?) as exhibited by his ill chosen CCC Computer password “fuckshannon69” that was accidentally discovered close to a year ago. CCC is presently in the middle of a job search for a new President and 40 candidates have applied according to CCC Board of Trustee Chairman Wes Westmoreland. Who also allegedly has the “hots” for the lovely Dr. Kennedy. Perhaps (and very likely given the news that just came to me) other BoT Rats do too.

Just this very evening reliable sources report that the search process for a new President has reached the point where the original 40 candidates have been vetted down to the point in the process where the qualified candidates are reviewed for selection for the beginning of job interviews for the position of President. The report also stated that CCC Executive VP Dr. Shannon Kennedy was authorized by Chairman Westmoreland and apparently confirmed by the other BoT Rats to actually do this vetting and it is now complete.

Do I smell a Rat here or what??? Do YOU smell a Rat also?

If so, call your favorite Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee member and ask him or her what the heck is going on here. Better yet, go to tomorrow night’s Commissioner’s meeting and ask Johnny Hutchins, the newest appointed CCC BoT member, but not sworn in yet, what the heck is going on.

Folks, if you recall, I have already predicted several things. One is that the CCC BoT Rats will lose the Federal Lawsuit against them. The second is the BoTs, if the vote was held today, would vote to appoint Dr. Kennedy to the office of CCC President although she is alleged to the nexus of most to all of the problems and issues at CCC.

By my observations and evaluations the following CCC BoT members appear to support Dr. Shannon Kennedy for the new President of Cleveland Community College:

Wes Westmoreland
Wayne King
Allen Langley
Bill Turpish
Chris Turner
Lamont Littlejohn
Larry Hamrick, Jr.

That’s seven of ten BoTs. A majority. And I didn’t count Johnny Hutchins or the other Commissioner appointment that hasn’t been chosen yet. Seven is also a majority of twelve. Twelve being a full slate of BoTs. I suspect the final vote will be unanimous though.

All this is insane, but hey, you gotta be insane to serve on the CCC Board of Trustees right now with a Federal Lawsuit that you can’t win dangling over your head. Or the BoTs are smitten with puppy-love as the case may be.

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  1. Judy

    The BOT cannot be that “insane.” Why will they not listen to the employees that have suffered under the insanity – can so many people reporting the same injustices be ignored. So much wrong at CCC and still the madness continues.

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