November 27, 2017 School Board Meeting Shows Why The School Board will Lose their Federal Lawsuit!!!– So will the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees!!! –Report, evaluation and analysis by Robert A. Williams

Lawsuits are won or lost based on the law and the facts of the matter. No amount of silence, cover-up, propaganda or plain old lies to the public by the school board will change that. No amount of excuses or finger pointing will either. When all the sworn testimony, under penalty of felony perjury if you lie, all the records and all the evidence involved is provided to the jury, in this case the Cleveland County Board of Education; they will think a ton of bricks had just dropped on their heads. They will find they can’t run and they can’t hide like they hid this lawsuit from the public until after Election Day.

Let’s start with the November 27, 2017 School Board meeting and watch how the school board operates, back through the lawsuit and back through the events that led to the lawsuit. It is not a pretty picture. But it is the way the corrupt CCS Board does business and why they will lose the lawsuit. Same with the Federal Lawsuit against the Cleveland community College Board of Trustees. The Rat Pack as I call them.

During the November 27, 2017 School Board Meeting a review of several School Board Policy changes were on the agenda. One of the first Board Policies was regarding Curriculum development. Curriculum being the courses of study during a child’s education in Cleveland County Schools.

Board member Danny Blanton brought up that he knew that not all children were college bound and that basic education for all children should include learning cursive writing so the students can sign their paychecks when they graduate and find jobs. Also that students would know how to count to 100 before they get to the third grade. Learning multiplication tables and other such math skills should also be taught and mastered by students that graduate from CCS as this is also necessary in the workplace.

Any normal person would immediately realize that Danny Blanton was talking about teaching all students a basic education that they could build upon during their time at CCS to better serve them during their future grades at CCS and on the job, college or military when they graduate. Of course Danny Blanton was only emphasizing what was already stated in another Board Policy regarding “Goals and Objectives of the Educational Program,” the very first sentence which states “It is the goal of the Cleveland County Board of Education (the “Board”) that every student be provided the opportunity to receive a sound basic education, graduate from high school and be prepared for work, further education, and citizenship.” You would have thought that every other Board Member as well as Superintendent Fisher would have jumped right on that in agreement with Danny Blanton. Yes, every student should be taught cursive writing and know the multiplication tables.

But Nooo! A firestorm of stupidity erupted from several other board members. And I said “stupidity” because I can’t think of anything worse to say that would be fit to print. For full effect folks, you gotta watch this on the school board meeting video that we include at the end of this article. None of this is made up. Like I am sure the other board members would like you to believe. Like, I am sure, they want a jury to believe when they find themselves sitting in Federal Court on the witness stand.

Superintendent Fisher went directly into his “fast talking mode” trying to avoid Blanton’s questions. Fisher said the policy calls for following state guidelines in curriculum development, trying to ignore Blanton’s attempts to make sure CCS basic education would cover what is in fact basic education. Fisher went on and on, digging himself deeper and deeper by refusing to answer directly whether cursive writing. counting to 100
and learning multiplication tables were going to be taught at CCS.

Blanton would have none of the wiggling and waggling Fisher was putting out. Blanton said he had four CCS graduates work for him over the summer and none of them could sign their name to their paychecks or county to 100. Fisher kept on with the “we are following state guidelines” line of propaganda. Blanton said that if students were not able to learn their lessons maybe we should start “failing” them. (Obviously insisting that students be actually taught and actually learn what CCS was SAYING they were teaching.)

Board member Jeff Jones, a former teacher, coach and principal jumped in quickly. Obviously more quickly with the phony words than his brain could get caught up with the stupidity he was spewing. Jones said he was tired of hearing that someone knew of a situation where a former student hadn’t learned what he had been taught. Jones asked a question, “If you run into a former student working at McDonalds that couldn’t make proper change, does that mean our schools are failing?” Yes Mr. Jones. It does mean our schools failed THAT student and you obviously don’t care. Jones went on to say that “Principals are telling me that we are teaching cursive writing, but I don’t know.” Why don’t you know Mr. Jones.? Why don’t you find out if you are being lied to? Tell the jury that you don’t know and see what that will get you. Watch the video folks. Mr. Jones was joined by many other board members with comments just as stupid, or more so than his.

But, in the mean time, Dr. Fisher chimes in saying that he is TOLD that CCS is teaching lessons in cursive writing and multiplication tables but he can’t do anything about it. Blanton replies “You are the Superintendent?” Incredibly Fisher comes back with I can’t fail students and neither can the School Board, that is the Principal’s job. Fisher completely forgetting the principals report to him and he reports to the school board.

Now remember folks, it is Monday night November 27, 2017 and the Federal Lawsuit will not come out until the next day-but Fisher already is well aware of the lawsuit.. It is totally obvious that Superintendent Fisher and many of the others on the School Board are trying to pin the blame on others for things that go wrong at CCS. I plan on attending the jury trial for this Federal Lawsuit and watch this crowd squirm. No jury anywhere else than Cleveland County will put up with this mess. And this trial will be held in Asheville. Maybe a bunch of us should go. But this curriculum stuff is not over yet by a long shot.

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