Federal Lawsuit Filed Against School Board September 11, 2017 for Civil Rights Violations!!! Kept Secret Until After Election!! Corruption Rules Cleveland County! –Report by Robert A. Williams

But it is a secret no longer!! We have a full copy of the lawsuit and you can read for yourself what happens and who gets the legal blame when government agencies go wrong. And all you 52,000 voters who stayed home on Election Day and the majority of the 9,500 voters who got it wrong on Election Day, you will get the “honor” of paying off this lawsuit along with the rest of us.

One more point that ought to be abundantly clear about this lawsuit. Just like the recently filed lawsuit (with others on the way) against the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees; Board members of the various governmental agencies in Cleveland County, North Carolina and the United States–the legal responsibility of every board member is NOT just to support that agency no matter what they do (right or wrong), but to provide policies that abide by Federal and State Law and then, most of all, provide oversight to that agency to make sure the laws and policies are carried out in no uncertain terms. And, no matter how low in the agency organization where a violation might occur, the final legal responsibility for that violation goes straight to the top. So much for those board members that get themselves elected or appointed so they can pad their resumes and let the agency organization do whatever, the school board and the CCC Board of Trustee rat pack are about to get a lesson they won’t forget for a long time.

In this particular lawsuit brought against the Cleveland County Board of Education the actual events that brought about this lawsuit happened at Kings Mountain High School about three years ago. Most of you will remember it as it received lots of publicity at the time. Publicity that did not have all the facts because the School Board would not allow the facts to get out. Well, sources have provided me with most of the facts that I am going to share with you as well as the entire lawsuit so you can read it for yourself.

Actually, the situation that lead up to the initiating event started much earlier within the Shelby School District where TW (as identified in the lawsuit) attended school. TW, a black female was continually getting into trouble. She was emotional and easily went out of control. TW was eventually identified as severely Autistic, perhaps with other complications, and had special needs. As every student within the CCS system has an “Individual Education Plan” (IEP) where the education needs for all those individual children to succeed to the fullest are identified, written down and periodically updated as conditions might change or remedial programs might work.

That is the way it is supposed to work anyway. If I wanted to make this article even more detailed, I could include examples where this IEP stuff is just more paperwork for the teacher to fill out and special cases like TW, the IEP gets filled out and nobody ever reads -or follows it.

Anyway, TW is shipped off to Kings Mountain High School with her IEP that calls for calling TW’s mother if TW starts to get agitated or stressed.. TW’s IEP also calls for TW not to be touched, especially by a man in uniform. TW is enrolled in a special program too. As you read through this article and the attached Lawsuit, you have to wonder why TW was ever sent to a regular school in the first place? Did CCS get state funding to keep TW in a regular school or what? CCS has a big thing about collecting money wherever they can for special circumstances. And bitching and complaining when parents want to home school their kids or enroll them in Charter or Private Schools. I wouldn’t bother trying to ask your school board members about this. First, because they never want to know anything about what goes on in problem situations. Second, now they are defendants in a Federal Lawsuit and I am sure their lawyer has told them to keep their mouths shut.

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