School Audit Report Withheld from School Board until last minute by CCS Administration!!! No time for Board Review or Questions!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

The School Board Meeting scheduled for November 6, 2017 contained an agenda item #7.01 titled “Audit Report” The total purpose of this item was for the School Board to Review the Audit Report. A note on that Agenda item also stated: “The Audited Financial Statements for the Year Ended June 30, 2017 are presented for board review. The audit was conducted by Anderson Smith & Wike, PLLC Certified Public Accountants, and the report was issued October 13, 2017.”

Did you catch the part that stated the Audit “Report was issued October 13, 2017”??? A full 24 days before the Nov. 6th School Board meeting.

It was a different story at the November 6, 2017 School Board Meeting. The school Board was NOT provided a copy of the audit report until only minutes before the School Board meeting actually started at 6:00PM on November 6, 2017. Giving the School Board ZERO time to read over the over 60 pages of documents included in the report.

When the meeting got to item 7.01 on the Agenda, Board Chairman Bully Glover called up a person to “introduce” the report. That person spent less than two minutes on the report.

Board Member Danny Blanton immediately spoke up stating that the report should have been provided to the Board for review in plenty of time (and plenty of time was available) to review the big thick document in case there were questions to ask about the report while the auditor was there at the meeting to answer them. Superintendent Fisher went into his fast talking mode and foolishly tried to explain the unexplainable. Fisher said that the report was just preliminary and IF there were questions, they could be answered later. Blanton said that was not acceptable to him because he did not wish to have to ask questions and get answers over the telephone of to have the auditor come back another time as that would be extra costs. Blanton basically said he wanted sufficient time to review the documents and then be able to ask questions face to face.

Outgoing Board Member Donnie Thurman, Jr. spoke up and foolishly said there is a first time for everything. Like there was a first time for the School Board to finally do something right, but this was not that time. Thurman always has a hard time keeping his mouth from outrunning his brain.

Not a peep from anybody else on the School Board. Probably a good thing as there was nothing intelligent that they were willing to say. It was totally obvious that the CCS administration had withheld the Audit Report so the School Board would not have any time to review the report. It was also totally obvious that only Board Member Danny Blanton wanted to actually do his job on the School Board and actually review documents that the School Board is supposed to properly review.

As the 2017 Election the very next day, when 52,000 voters stayed home it appears that Danny Blanton will continue to be the only School Board Member who will actually try to do his job on the School Board. Except for maybe Dena Green who has a major educational background in Accounting.

We will soon see whether or not Mrs. Green will accept such shoddy treatment from the CCS Administration when it comes to auditing CCS Financial Statements. From my perspective, I suspect both Supt. Fisher and the others on the School Board (except Blanton) wanted to get this Audit Report behind them just in case Dena Green was elected to the School Board. Or the other three Republican candidates. As for me, I expect many 7-2 votes from the School Board over the next 2 years.

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