Mystery Collaboration or Collusion at the LeGrand Center??? Most likely going to Cost Taxpayers a Bundle!! Just like the Earl Scruggs Center, ALWS, the Shooting Range and Everything else being done in the name of Economic Development!! And More!! –Just the Facts–by Robert A. Williams

The first fact in this article is the LeGrand Center has already cost taxpayers a bundle. The as built cost of $19 million borrowed for an original price tag budget of $12 million. About the same MO as the Earl Scruggs Center, The American Legion world Series, the Shooting Range and everything else being done in the name of Economic Development. The project cost is low-balled, then escalates severely. These projects lose money and will continue to lose money forever or as long as these projects exist. Whichever is longer. Hold that thought as you read this article.

The Second Fact is the need for the LeGrand Center story put out by the Commissioners, CCS and CCC has changed. Apparently a knowing lie from the start. The LeGrand Center, the Earl Scruggs Center and the Shooting Range were all supposed to be a part of the Economic Development Plan and bring money all into Cleveland County. The projects are now called Economic Development “Tools” that were never “expected to make money for the county but will (supposedly) bring businesses into Cleveland County to more than offset costs. The Commissioners are only now admitting that these projects will never pay their own way and will only survive with a never ending supply of taxpayer money every year from now on.

The Third Fact, as brought to light by the recent notice of a loss of 133 jobs, caused by the new Parker Industries plant closing down, is that (according to Kristin Reese of the Economic Development Partnership) Cleveland County Economic Development already is at full capacity because the unemployment rate is at 4%. Long considered full employment. This supposedly means that everybody looking for a job has a job, except for a few unemployables-drug addicts and such. BUT, If you consider 25% of the Cleveland County population is on Food Stamps, per official DSS records, you have to conclude that everything put out by the Commissioners and the secret Economic Development folks is only propaganda and other sorts of lies to justify the Commissioners giving away taxpayers money to somebody else without benefit to the taxpayers and citizens of Cleveland County. Costing taxpayer bucks in the millions of dollars every year. Let’s add the fact that the Commissioners sold the Hospital and such for $100 million and never returned a dime to taxpayers. They have spent it all.

One more fact about the Cleveland County 4% unemployment rate is that many Cleveland County workers have found jobs outside Cleveland County and commute to their jobs elsewhere. So, the real deal with the Cleveland County Economic Development people bringing in jobs is a hoax. The jobs they say they are “bringing in” can only benefit local workers who might come back to Cleveland County for those few jobs closer to home. That is not likely though because most of those jobs elsewhere pay more money. Or the new jobs are filled by people outside Cleveland County who commute here for those better paying jobs. If you factor in the Cleveland County Schools graduate almost half of their graduating class that can’t read, write and do math proficiently and surrounding schools do better, then it is abundantly clear that the best paying of Cleveland County jobs go mostly to outsiders and the lower paying Cleveland County jobs go to the lower skilled locals.

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