Best and Worst of Cleveland Community College News!!! We Tell it All!! –Report and opinion by Robert A. Williams

I have requested a copy of all of CCC Press Releases under the Freedom of Information Act as well as NC Public Document Laws. Normally CCC only provides “Good News Only” information to the Star and other media that publishes it and never asks any questions. I ask questions. I also publish other information related to the CCC Released Good News, that may be bad news that CCC is trying to cover up. You will be the judge of whether or not the released Good news out weighs any associated “bad news” that I have included in this article.

The Good News is attached in full at the end of this article. In short CCC’s “Aaron Vassey, Law Enforcement Training Coordinator at Cleveland Community College, is one of three finalists for the North Carolina Community College System’s 2018 Excellence in Teaching Award.” We salute Mr. Vassey’s excellent work at Cleveland Community College and hope Mr. Vassey wins the big prize at the State level.

However, at the local level, Mr. Vassey is Number 51 on the top heavy CCC salary list that is also provided at the end of this article. It can clearly be seen that high performance teachers are not compensated fairly or very well by Cleveland Community College when compared with others on the CCC top heavy salary list. Note that on the list Mr. Vassey is listed by his first name “Phillip Vassey.” We have “Bolded” the font regarding Mr. Vassey to help you find his name way down on that list.

We would also note that there are many other teachers who are intentionally forced to work way less than full time that are not on that list. We understand that some on the bottom of the top heavy salary list and many part time teachers not on the list are eligible for Food Stamps and in fact have applied and draw Food Stamps to help them survive. These folks could be termed “slaves” to the CCC system. You decide whether or not this is bad news regarding CCC. I think only two things could be worse.

1. The CCC Board of Trustee Rat Pack knows that the CCC Salary list is not performance based and has become totally inequitable and unfair. The Rats also know that family and friends of the CCC “Elite” have been hired and promoted above others that were more qualified. The top ten (especially numbers 1 and 2, 2 and 9 and 3 and 10) on the top heavy salary list contain examples of that as well as others on down the list. Not only that, the Rat Pack has allowed this to happen over and over again, they have allowed those who have complained to be fired. And now they have a Federal Lawsuit stuck down their throats with more in the works. All totally avoidable if the Rats had only done their job.

2. CCC has been awarded significant State funds to pay employee bonus’s, but the Rat Pack refuses to do so because they admit employee salaries are inequitable as well as job descriptions and performance ratings are bogus. The Rats know all that but refuse to do anything about it, thus holding the bonus money in their accounts without any fair way to distribute it. If this holds long enough, and anybody in the State General Assembly reads this article, that funding may well end up being revoked.

If there is any fairness to any salary issue at CCC it is this. The know nothing, do nothing CCC Board of Trustee Rat Pack is paid exactly what they are worth–NOTHING!!!


Note the CCC Press Release is attached at the end of this article.

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  1. Sherry Hamrick

    The salaries mean nothing unless you know if the employee is a 9,10, or 12 month employee. That changes everything.

    • Robert A Williams

      Ms. Hamrick,

      Would you please explain how, in regard to this article, being a 9, 10 or 12 month employee changes anything?

      Thanks. We welcome your comments.

      Robert A. Williams

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