Cleveland Community College– “Jezebel” looking for a King??? You Decide!! –Questions by Robert A. Williams

I was sitting on the front row during and at the end of the CCC Board of Trustees Meeting held November 14, 2017 when a person in the row behind me slipped me a handwritten note. The note read “Please ask Mr. Westmoreland and Mr. Langley about their private meetings with Shannon Kennedy.”

So, I looked around, as the meeting was adjourned and the Rats (BoTs) were just milling around talking to people, and I just walked up front and presented the note to the closest Rat-Allen Langley. Mr. Langley read the note, turned around and handed the note to Shannon Kennedy and called over Wes Westmoreland who came over and also read the note. Langley, Kennedy and Westmoreland all denied having any private meetings as described in the note. Wouldn’t it be nice if that denial could be the end of it?

Later as everyone was leaving and I had made an effort to talk to as many people as possible to make sure the person who slipped me the note could not be identified, I crossed paths with the person in the parking lot. I told the person that they all had denied any private meetings together. The person said, “of course they would! Would you like some times, dates and locations?” My answer was “yes.” The person, on the spot, gave me one account where Rat Chairman Westmoreland and Executive VP Shannon Kennedy were allegedly dining in a quite little area at Ruby Tuesdays giving off the strong appearance of “intimate conversation.” More information was promised.

Sickeningly, this MO conjured up a feeling of deja vu. Just like some of the alleged appearances of intimacy between Kennedy and Steve Thornburg before Thornburg’s long delayed ouster as President of CCC. And the thought came to mind of the Biblical Account of Queen Jezebel. Jezebel married King Ahab, became Queen of Israel and demanded accommodations for herself and her surrogates to worship their own gods. Jezebel has been called the most wicked woman in the Bible and in the end Jezebel was hurled off the castle walls and mostly eaten by a pack of wild dogs.

History is full of pretty women getting power through older and more powerful men. Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. The Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, Delilah and Samson. Herodias’ daughter had King Herod behead John the Baptist.

Then you have former President Bill Clinton and his women. Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, etc. and especially Hilary. Remember that Bill Clinton escaped being removed from office by claiming everybody lies about sex. Which brings us right back to the note and Westmoreland, Kennedy and Langley’s denial. Are they telling the truth or are they lying? There are just so many instances of lying about such as this that lying cannot be ignored in this case.

Cleveland County is full of lying about sex in county government-mostly lies by omission of the truth. Tom Cat Greene comes to mind. Coleman Hunt, a former DSS Director, Health Department Director, Several Commissioners, wife swapping, a bunch of School Principals and teachers, teachers and teachers, too many to count. Lots of cover-up.

So, what about Kennedy and Westmoreland? Kennedy is reported to be married. Thornburg was married, Westmoreland is reportedly separated or single again.

The problem with Kennedy and Westmoreland is that the MO seems to be identical with Kennedy and Thornburg.

Under CCC President Thornburg, Kennedy became the Queen bee of Cleveland Community College. Similar to old Jezebel in the Bible.

Under CCC BoT Chairman Wes Westmoreland, Kennedy is still the Queen bee at CCC. Investigations into complaints about Kennedy go nowhere with the BoT Rats, just like when under Thornburg. Investigations are delayed and likely fixed. The Kennedy lie detector test is totally questionable. Kennedy is probably going to be eventually selected as President of CCC either by hook or crook. All this Presidential Search stuff is probably just as fixed and crooked as was the Superintendent selection at CCS when Bruce Boyles resigned and Stephan Fisher was selected. I personally believe that the Rats will end up selecting Kennedy as President to cover up their own incompetence during all those years of Thornburg-Kennedy control and no BoT oversight.

This certainly seems to be history repeating itself at CCC. Although I presently have no hard proof, which can only be found after the fact. Unless more damning info comes in soon.

My recommendation is for Wes Westmoreland to take himself out of this situation by resigning from the CCC Board. Westmoreland is also on the Pinnacle Classical Academy Board which has an excellent record of success and a Sterling reputation in the community. That would be a much better place for Mr. Wes Westmoreland to be. Building on success and not being drug down by a scandal of any sort at CCC.

A separate article covering the November 14, 2017 CCC BoT meeting is forthcoming.

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