I am Offended!!! The Holy Bible and Christian Prayer Kicked out of Schools yet Gay Rights Training and Books are brought in and paid for by tax dollars!! –Report, Opinion and Official Complaint filed by Robert A. Williams

This Article is written as an Official Complaint to the Cleveland County School Board s well as the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees.

In a previous article I mentioned hearing of a “situation” at Shelby High School where a special class has been set up to serve the gay Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender And Queer community. That situation has been unofficially confirmed through a School employee who states that the Gay Class is called “Alternative Lifestyles,” is taught after school, on school premises and the teacher may or may not be paid.

Today, on the way to the Cleveland Community College BoT Meeting, I walked through the CCC Library (Officially the Patsy Rose Library, but I expect Patsy Rose would also be offended by what I am about to report.) and saw a display of new books purchased by the CCC Library. I stopped and looked. Prominently displayed was a book entitled “David Bowie Made Me Gay: 100 Years of LGBT Music.”

I was immediately “offended” by both situations noted above. The Holy Bible and Christian Prayer have been banned from our school classrooms and all this gay pride stuff has filled the void. And mine and your tax dollars are paying for this. Note: From last weeks election results where three candidates for the school board who support bringing the Bible and Prayer back into the classroom were defeated, maybe only me, Danny Blanton, Rodney Fitch, Robert Queen, Kevin Whisnant and their supporters are the only ones who are offended with such as this. I would assume that the 52,000 plus registered voters in Cleveland County who stayed home on Election Day don’t care too much about such goings on that involve their kids. Otherwise they would have turned out to vote. When the Rapture comes it will likely pass right over Cleveland County without much notice. Lots of people will be or are already condemned to Hell.

So, CCC BoT and CCS School Board, (all to be sent this article), I am offended. Consider this an official Complaint from me, Robert A. Williams. I would like your explanations and comments on teaching gay classes at Cleveland County School facilities and purchasing gay books at the CCC Library using taxpayer dollars. And information related to any other gay classes, books, programs, etc. that exist without my knowledge.

Thank you in advance for your prompt response. I will publish all explanations and comments without editing. I do reserve the right to comment on your responses. The People of Cleveland County, or perhaps only me, deserve to hear what you have to say for yourself!!!

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4 Comments for “I am Offended!!! The Holy Bible and Christian Prayer Kicked out of Schools yet Gay Rights Training and Books are brought in and paid for by tax dollars!! –Report, Opinion and Official Complaint filed by Robert A. Williams”

  1. Dean

    Dear Mr. Williams, I appreciate all the work you’ve done trying to expose the sorry government we’re got in Shelby. It’s a sorry bunch for sure! You’ve worked hard but I don’t think the voters and taxpayers really care. In the scheme of things local government really isn’t that important, unless you’re one of the in crowd who’s getting rich at it. Your tone has changed for the worst recently and i worry that you’ve taken all this dirty business to personally and had some kind of mental break. It’s ok to take a little time away from it. I will say a prayer or two for you and hope that you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving.

    • Robert A Williams

      My tone has changed for the “worst?” I think my tone is totally appropriate when 52,000 registered voters (over half the population of Cleveland County and 85% of voters) stayed home on election day. Nobody can help Cleveland County when we won’t help ourselves.

      Just think, we elected a bully and a liar to the school board on top of a sexual predator. Lucky we didn’t also elect a Tom Cat.

      I can’t fathom why such an important election as the school board turns out the baby killers and homo perverts to oversee the education of our most prized possessions-our children, while the vast majority just let it happen.

      If my tone has turned South, I will just make the most of it by continuing to tell the truth, no matter who is offended.

      Robert A. Williams

  2. Know too much

    Very sad indeed. Reason to pray even harder and read God’s word even more. He warns how evil will be good and good will be evil…I think we are here! I appreciate that you have the fortitude to speak the truth about what is going on in Cleveland County.

    • Robert A Williams

      I think Cleveland County needs a big Christian revival that is reflected by “Saved” people getting out to vote. Then we have done something to be proud of. But, not until then.

      Robert A. Williams

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