CCC Infested with Rats!!! More Falsified Documents From the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees!!! And More Stupid & Illegal Stuff from the same Nitwits!!! November 14, 2017 CCC BoT Meeting 12:00PM—Come see for yourself!! Remember, It is Rude to Laugh out Loud!! –Report By Robert A. Williams

Rats are smart enough to jump off a sinking ship. The Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees appear to be dumber than rats. They jump back on the sinking ship known as the Cleveland Community College. Or stay on board when it would be better for everyone if they all just left.

Folks, since I have made a comparison of the CCC Board of Trustees with Rats and I don’t know an animal that is dumber than a Rat, I will just call the BoT members “Rats.” Dumb or smart no matter. Besides “Rat” is easier to type out than “Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee Member John Doe.” I hope I am not offending any real rats in Cleveland County. Or elsewhere.

A Reminder. A federal Lawsuit has been filed against CCC and the CCC Rats. The Cleveland Community College Rats are legally responsible for defending CCC and themselves, the Rats. That lawsuit is provided for your reading enjoyment in a previous article If you take the time to read that lawsuit, you will see the Rats have gotten taxpayers and themselves on the hook for big bucks.

All you have to do to come to the same conclusions about the CCC Rats is to look at the November 14, 2017 Rat Meeting Agenda prepared by Head Rat, President Dr. Bill Aiken. It’s all backwards, mixed up and missing in action. When you can’t get an agenda right, or the minutes of meetings and basic stuff like that, you deserve to be called a rat.

So, what’s missing in action?

The Commissioners just appointed Commissioner Johnny Hutchins back onto the Rat Board to fill a vacancy due to the vacancy of Vice Chair Rat Jason Falls. Duhhhh! A rat jumping back on a sinking ship. But the agenda leaves off the swearing in of Rat Hutchins. I wonder why? Maybe Rats are forgetful too. Well, they do have a lot they want to forget. And they want you to forget too. Just like the 52,000 registered voters who forgot to vote this past Tuesday. Hey. forgetful voters, YOU are rats too. Plenty of Rats here in Cleveland County to go around.

All mention of the Federal Lawsuit is also MIA. It’s a public document. I was able to get it from the Feds all by myself. If I was a Rat, I would want that lawsuit kept quiet and covered up too. But, I am not a rat. I will get updates as they hit the Courts and publish for everyone to see what kind of stupid Rats we got running things at CCC.

Another MIA is regarding the status of the search for a new President. October 31, 2017 was supposed to be the close of applications. Nothing on the agenda about this. How strange is that?

Other MIA stuff includes any mention of the investigation reports brought about by complaints from staff about dumbing down CCC classes taken at High Schools. Misappropriation of money and other such things. Not a peep about any of that anywhere. The Rats truly believe that if they wait long enough myself and others will forget about that. I don’t think so. That’s why they are the Rats and myself and others ate not rats.

Then there are the flat out cover-ups. Like the Rat meeting minutes of September 12, 2017 that approval was tabled because of my calling them out on some falsifications. Well, they continue to falsify the minutes of the October 17, 2017 Rat meeting in exactly the same way. CCC Rats are certainly slow learners.

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