Calling Out Alleged Sexual Predator–Coleman Hunt!!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

I am calling out Coleman Hunt, recently the second highest vote getter in the 2017 School Board Election as an alleged Sexual Predator. The allegations reported to me are from a trusted source and made in front of trusted witnesses. I believe them to be 100% true.

My first articles regarding the 2017 Democrat School Board Primary Election included statements from me that I had not heard of any scandals involving candidate Coleman Hunt. After that article the telling allegations came in. I included them in later articles.

The reported allegations stated in part that Coleman Hunt, in positions of power within the school system, preyed on teachers, most often white women, for sexual favors. The allegations were some of Hunt’s sexual advances were consummated and some, as my trusted source says as a victim, were refused. But inappropriate and illegal sexual advances in the workplace nonetheless. Such allegations are all over the national news today involving Hollywood Moguls and US Senators. All of which have made public replies. Something the citizens of Cleveland County deserve also.

Coleman Hunt has taken the approach of making NO COMMENT. I believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty. But when such allegations are made involving a public figure, such as a candidate for an elected position, Coleman Hunt is obliged to at least deny these allegations. Which Mr. Hunt has refused to do. In such a situation as this, Mr., Hunt is obliged to either deny the allegations or resign from his position as the winner of one of the school board elected offices.

Mr. Hunt, the citizens or Cleveland County, especially the parents of children and the husbands of teachers, want to know if you are an honorable man or a depraved sexual predator. My reports from a trusted source clearly indicate you are a sexual predator.

So, Mr. Hunt, Please admit or deny that you are a sexual predator. If you refuse to answer these allegations, I will consider you a self admitted sexual predator and report accordingly. If you admit to these allegations, I would consider your resignation from the School Board an adequate remedy. If you deny the allegations, I will see just how far and how much my sources want to come forward with and what their legal options are.

Mr. Hunt, I believe I have the goods on you and would win any future legal action that you might take to shut me up. Talk to your lawyers. You know what you have done. Please publicly answer the allegations truthfully, resign or do whatever you and your family think is appropriate. It is your choice.

Folks, Please note that I am also forwarding this article to the Cleveland County School Board as well as top CCS administration. Such allegations as have been made against Mr. Coleman Hunt have also been made against other high level CCS personnel, past and present. I am requesting official comments from CCS too. I will let you know what comments I hear from that crowd.

Also, Folks, if there are other victims of sexual predators, sexual harassment, retaliation because of refusing to submit to inappropriate sexual advances, etc. at CCS, CCC or elsewhere, please contact me. I will protect your identity as you see I have done in this article.

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