CCC Board of Trustee Member Resigns!!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee member Gordon Hamrick has resigned November 7, 2017 from the CCC Board. No reason for this resignation was provided but Mr. Hamrick has had recent medical issues. Of course the recent unresolved scandals at CCC, a looming contentious Presidential search as well as the most recent lawsuit against both CCC and the CCC Board of Trustees are likely to be a huge consideration in Mr. Hamrick’s resignation.

We wish Mr. Hamrick’s speedy recovery from any health related issues and applaud his resignation in regard to the Board of Trustee gridlock on the proper handling of problems and issues at CCC. Especially with more lawsuits on the way. We also encourage other Board members who are disappointed with the CCC BoT gridlock to also resign immediately to keep their own reputation from being drug through the mud because of the gridlock. If they can’t get the gridlock resolved, getting out is our simple remedy. Let the gridlockers stay and face the lawsuits and bad press. A court order may get rid of the gridlockers anyway.

Note that NC Law makes the Board of Trustees responsible for properly governing CCC as well as defending CCC and the Board against lawsuits. It’s a no-win situation for honest and ethical Board members who can’t break the gridlock with the supporters of the status quo.

Also note that County Commissioner Johnny Hutchins was appointed at the Nov. 7,2017 Commissioners meeting by the Commissioners to fill the BoT vacancy created by the recent resignation of BoT member Jason Falls. Under the situation at CCC, Commissioner Hutchins was foolish to accept that appointment in our opinion. With the resignation of Mr. Hamrick, also a Commissioner appointment, the commissioners will have to appoint another BoT member in the very near future. Anybody that would accept this new appointment under the present gridlocked situation has probably lost their marbles in the first place.

It is our opinion that no commissioner should serve on the board of any other entity that they have a business relationship with. This dual membership instantly constitutes a conflict of interest situation. Who does the Commissioner represent? The citizens that elected him (or her) or that other Board? It is an unsolvable conundrum. It is best that the commissioners not serve on any of these other boards, remain independent and require accountability and transparency of that other board when they come to the county, hat in hand, wanting taxpayer money.

The commissioner elections of 2018 will now contain the office held by Commissioner Eddie Holbrook as well as appointed Commissioners Ronnie Whetstine and Doug Bridges who were both appointed to fill vacancies. This represents a majority of the Board of Commissioners. Filing for these offices will be early next year. Literally only months away. The political season for the school board ended Tuesday. The political season for the Commissioners started yesterday. Anybody who thinks they can do a better job than the present Commissioners have been doing, put on your thinking caps and get ready to take over Cleveland County Government. Be assured that the voter turnout in 2018 will be much better than in 2017 so as to keep all single-issue perverts away from the seats of power that oversee the spending of taxpayer dollars as well as hiring a new County Manager and a new County Engineer. The County Engineer being a new position.

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