People are Asking, What Happened With The School Board Election??? I Predicted What Happens when Voters Stay Home!!! All I can Say is I Told You So!!! —Report by Robert A. Williams

The “Four” Republican candidates were all excellent candidates for the School Board that, in a fairly distributed voter base, would have won election by a handy majority. They had the right message, they won all the forums fair and square, they had all the right motivations, they had diverse-but complementary talents education, training, skills and experience. They were all decent, honest, churchgoing, moral and traditional family men with female wives and biological children that they loved. The proper education of all our children was their first priority. Any and every reasonable voter would have thought these “Four” were at the right place at the right time and would win it all.

And, in fact, they were in the right place at the right time. The fact that they all got beat except for Danny Blanton is this. Most (85%-over 53,000) of the “Reasonable Voters” stayed home on the rainy Election Day.

The problems:

The Republican Party in Cleveland County is lazy, misguided and cliquish. If you don’t belong to the Country Club, they don’t have much use for you. This became totally obvious at the Special Called Republican Executive Board Meeting to select a person to fill a vacancy on the County Commission only days before the 2017 General Election. They accomplished that purpose and that purpose only. They selected that person but completely failed in their job as a political party to remind a room full of Republicans to get out to vote in support of Republican candidates on Election Day. Not only did they fail to elect three of the four school board candidates, they lost a favored Shelby City Councilman in the process. By a wide margin at that.

When I questioned this Republican Executive Committee’s major faux pa (big mistake), incredibly I was told they had decided in advance not to discuss anything except selecting the person to fill the commissioner vacancy at this meeting right before the election. These fools would rather lose elections than have a “commoner” Republican win an election. . Such planned stupidity is breathtaking.

Upper Cleveland County voters are also lazy and misguided. All they want to do in politics is complain and expect someone else to fix their problems for them. Shelby, Kings Mountain and other elected officials have learned to just ignore the “Uppers.” All mouth and no action. If this crowd had turned out in any respectable numbers the best candidates would have won. Burns High School students have suffered for years because of these lazy and misguided voters. And when they do decide to turn out they put somebody like Jo Boggs on the School Board and then they let Kevin Whisnant, many times over a better school board candidate than Jo Boggs, die on the vine. Such unplanned stupidity as this is also breathtaking.

The Democrats. The Democrat Party has twisted and turned over the past years to become a party of liberals, tax and spenders, baby killers, gun control nuts who have allowed socialists, communists, radicals, queers, lesbians, same-sex marriagers, anti-Christians, devil worshipers, witchcraft people and other misfits, bathroom perverts and sexual deviants of all sorts take over their party. The Democrat Party leaders like all these diverse perverted “thinkers” for one simple reason, they turn out to vote. This crowd is single-issue oriented and they stick up for one another and also for Democrat candidates-liars and crooks no matter. They represent a small minority in our overall population but when the turnout is low, they can throw the election toward otherwise poor and unworthy Democrat Candidates. It seems that if the overall turnout in elections are less than 10% Democrat candidates win them all. Between 12-15% they can win many elections. Over 15% they lose them all. These figures are based on historic Cleveland County Elections in Odd numbered years. Just like this year.

Now folks, if you have read any of my election related articles over the past six months (and over many years), you have certainly noticed that I have spoken often about getting out to vote on Election Day. “Take a car load with you” I often say. I have even spelled out in several articles why a larger turnout is necessary to “clean up this mess” in Cleveland County politics. I was not just whistling Dixie.

In this school board election I have written literally hundreds of articles. Articles about the candidates, Articles about the forums. Articles about voting records of candidates. Articles about all kinds of things related to the schools: waste, fraud, students who graduate who can’t read and write proficiently. Bully Glover, Kathy Falls, on and on. Every person that wanted to know what was going on at CCS could have known it all by reading my articles. And many did. We have averaged as many as 115,000 readers in a week. Allen Langley, an Election s Board Member, just last night told me he had been on a trip to Ethiopia and was able to read my latest articles. We have been available to readers around the world, much less Cleveland County. The truth was out there for everyone to read and for everybody to know.

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