The Other Side of the Coin in the School Board Elections!!! —Report by Robert A. Williams

My recommendations to vote for Danny Blanton, Rodney Fitch, Robert Queen and Kevin Whisnant for the School Board tomorrow is based on a lot more than just saving the money wasted by the likes of Bully Glover, Tom Cat Greene, Kathy Falls and the rest of the no good School Board. All funds received by CCS to educate our children must be spent with only one goal in mind–providing the best education for our children in a cost effective manner.

Over the years CCS has received ever increasing amounts of money while the education of our children has decreased alarmingly. Over 50 years ago when I graduated from Burns-at Fallston High School, education in the USA was Number One in the world. We are nowhere near being even in the top ten in the world although we spend more on education than any country on this planet. At every election you hear the candidates talk about moving forward, yet all we have accomplished is to fall further and further behind. Even by CCS’s our own covered up problems, CCS has had to admit that they have four failed schools in Cleveland County. And that is after spending $165 Million a year. So, CCS is spending plenty of money, lots wasted, and they still have four failed schools and just about half the students graduating without being able to read proficiently, sign their name on a paycheck (if they can find a job) or make change for a dollar. It’s all as shame and it is our very own fault for always falling for the lies around election time.

Now, we have forced CCS to broadcast their meetings. We have Facebook and we have this website dedicated to getting out the truth about CCS. The TEA Party Forum, the Shelby Women’s Club forum, even the CCC and NAACP forum have allowed the good-ole-boy crowd to be questioned, debated, rebutted, find and identify the lies AND the liars. Basically and generally getting to the truth regarding the school board candidates.

And, that truth is Danny Blanton, Rodney Fitch, Robert Queen and Kevin Whisnant are the best candidates for the School Board in this 2017 General Election. These four are dedicated to best educating our children, keeping them safe at school (from bullying to sexual predators) teaching them college prepatory courses or teaching them vocational courses as best suits the student. These four also bring special skills, talents and training to the school board that none of the other candidates of the other school board members do not have. Danny Blanton has a proven record as a school board member of having a questioning attitude that has helped him find and identify myriad problems at CCS that need to be fixed. Rodney Fitch, as an acting member of the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has the skills, training and experience to increase security in our schools in this troubling times as well as help develop plans to minimize bullying, sexting, and overall discipline problems in the classroom. Robert Queen has technical skills, education, training, certifications, etc. to implement much better techniques to maintain CCS facilities, equipment, buses, building construction planning, bidding and contractor selection and oversight, etc. in a cost effective manner. All skills CCS presently lacks. As well as experience and training in procedure and process quality control and quality assurance for the various aspects of CCS operation. Kevin Whisnant has major training and experience with overall procedure and process control that can be developed into melding the various aspects of operation of CCS, including evaluating teaching methods, performance of outside contracted services, etc. Something that has never been attempted, much less implemented at CCS.

These four together have the basic skills to evaluate and measure the performance of every aspect of CCS operation, determine which programs work and more importantly determining which programs need improvement or need to be scrapped altogether. There is not anything the present CCS board or the other CCS school board candidates are offering to compare with what these “four” offer to improve the Educational Opportunity or the Educational Success of Cleveland County Schools.

The choice in this 2017 School Board is simple, Elect school board members with a well proven record of failure or elect Danny Blanton, Rodney Fitch, Robert Queen and Kevin Whisnant for both short term and long term success. Candidates that can tell what a sorry shape CCS is in and know how to chart a course out of failure and to success.

I recommend voting for SUCCESS!!! Hasn’t CCS had too much failure already???

Vote Danny Blanton, Rodney Fitch, Robert Queen and Kevin Whisnant. You will be glad you did.

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  1. Mike

    Boy, that went well.

  2. Bill Balmer

    People in Cleveland County are a special kind of stupid and don t care about the future of our kids. Expect our tax dollars to be wasted and plenty more steak dinners at our expense. IM moving to Lincoln County .

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