Setting the Record Straight–One More Time!! On the Candidates and Wasteful Spending!! And other Bad Stuff Report by Robert A. Williams

A lot of Facebook posts regarding the 2017 School Board Election are factual and made with good intentions. Some are fake news and diversion. Some is just the good intention “wonderings” of low information folks who have not followed school board meetings too closely, until now, and are being lied to by certain Democrat 2017 School Board Candidates.

For example, some are questioning why a particular 2010 receipt for $1,417 spent for meals at the Cleveland Country Club recently posted on Facebook is relevant today?

First, that receipt is only one among thousand of other receipts covering many years, was obtained by me under a Freedom of Information Act Request submitted several years ago and is not the end of it. My original receipt as shown on my article of November 3, 2017 was published several years ago along with hundreds of other questionable charges that were among thousands of other questionable charges that were not published.. The person making that particular $1,417 charge, CCS Nutritionist Jada Brown, used her school credit card (one of over 200+ more cards) to charge over $68,000 on mostly questionable purchases. When I asked CCS to provide more of their purchasing records, I was told that there were over 500,000 pages of other documents and that was too many pages to provide, although CCS was legally responsible for being able to provide them. (Note that reports from good sources indicated that much of those documents had been shredded to ensure they could not be used in criminal prosecutions.) But if you do some math you will see that the Credit card use, in significant part questionable and likely fraudulent, adds up to lots of money. Possibly into the $millions.

That one original receipt (of hundreds of receipts that had been previously been published by Hal Trammell and myself) was recently posted on Facebook, but had been cut and trimmed by others to leave off most of the related CCS approvals, which I restored for my article a few days ago. Scroll on back to clearly se that the receipt was paid by CCS.

But, the question about how that and many thousands of other credit card charges wasting many untold amounts of tax dollars are relevant to today’s School Board election is simple. Three 2017 candidates, Bully Glover, Tom Can Green and Kathy Falls were on the CCS Board when those questionable receipts were made and approved and they are on the ballot in tomorrow’s election ballot too.

Folks, we are not attacking Jada Brown, Bully Glover, Tom Cat Greene and Kathy Falls, (and others) we are simply exposing them for who and what they are as an example of what the CCS Board actually was yesterday and what it is today. They, except for Danny Blanton, are tax and spend wasters of tax dollars. They are liars. They are criminals as they have not only allowed fraudulent spending to happen repeatedly, they have conspired to cover up fraud. Conspiracy and obstructing justice at every turn. Big crimes to cover up numerous little crimes. Big crimes to cover up big crimes. Over and over again.

If that is not relevant today, then nothing is relevant-ever.

But for tomorrow’s Election everything is relevant. Leopards cannot change their spots. Bully Glove, Tom Cat Greene and Kathy Falls must be replaced by good, honest and conservative candidates and Danny Blanton must be reelected.

The winners of the 2017 School Board Elections must be Danny Blanton, Rodney Fitch, Robert Queen and Kevin Whisnant if wasteful spending is ever going to be curbed and stopped. These “four” must be elected to turn around the failing CCS schools and change the failing school system itself that is rife with problems and issues.

Tomorrow, Nov 7, 2017 is the day to Elect Danny Blanton, Rodney Fitch, Robert Queen and Kevin Whisnant in this School Board Election or just accept what you get and pay increased taxes to get uneducated children as your just rewards.

So, get out your umbrellas and go vote. A marked up School Board facsimile ballot is attached so you won’t forget. Print it out and take it with you to the polls.

Download (PDF, 65KB)

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