A different look at the Cleveland County School system…the truth. – Guest article

As the people decide who the next members of the Cleveland County Board of Education will be, let’s look at some issues that haven’t been discussed, in quite the way we will discuss them here. It’s not just a North Carolina schools problem, because this same issue runs amuck across the country, in many school districts, throughout the USA. In just one setting, I’ve seen and read about a 6 year old school boy, innocently kissing a little girl in his school class, because, at church, and around the neighborhood, they are like boyfriend and girlfriend. Yes, remember those days, when you were a kid? But today, things are different. Administrators don’t have the sense God gave a goat. This little boy was suspended because he kissed this little girl, and the administration was afraid that he would grow up to be a child molester. So they suspended the boy in order to nip it in the bud.

On an elementary school’s soccer team, where the boys and gilrs played on a mixed team, two nine year olds, a boy and a girl, were playing in a game, and during the action, they were both going for the ball, as is apt to happen, many times during any given game. Somehow, during the battle for the ball, the boy, in making a play for the ball, accidentally touched the young girl in one of her private areas, and at the time, neither of them appeared to be aware of it, as they continued to play the game. However, one of the teachers made a big deal out of it, and and the principal decided the young boy was guilty of touching this girl inappropriately, and suspended the boy. Even though both kids admitted they were both going for the ball and didn’t think anything about it, but these adult administrators decided to make an issue out of it. You know, it’s for the children.

Now, let’s apply this to some high school age students and their teachers. A 20 or 30 something year-old teacher has sex with a student who is under the age of 17 years old, and this same administration decides to sweep things under the rug, allow the teacher to resign, and she moves on to another school, in another nearby county or just across the state line, and the new employer doesn’t have a clue. Yes, this is exactly what goes on and has been going on, in many school systems in North Carolina. This is why these Boards of Education do not want to break these boards up, because there is so much dirt, and a new person could come sniffing around and upset all that’s being hidden from the public. The news media won’t cover these things, because it’s detrimental to their bottom line…called, advertising revenue. Think I’m wrong? Do some independent research and see for yourself. I have seen records, acquired via Public Records Request, of actual claims, charges and court cases that will substantiate these claims I’m writing about. Sad, but true. People, there is a cartel that is being less than honest with the public, knowingly and intentionally lying to the parents and to the public, in regards to so much information, that is going on within this school system.

All in all, it lends credibility to the following analogy. A young school student, living in a broken home, no guidance, needing a meal, takes a sandwich, is caught and punished accordingly. Yet, someone in administration is found to be misusing credit cards, well, that can be excused. The punishment is administered to those who are outside the system.

In closing, I want to say this, to the voting public. I’m sure you all have heard a select group of people, mainly incumbents, crying about being attacked and claiming all sorts of criminal mischief by their opponents. Ladies and gentlemen of Cleveland County, they are not being attacked, they are being exposed, plain and simple. I was able to record/video these meetings for over a year, before they started to record them on their own. My videos are still available to the public on YouTube. I did it as a public service, and I’m writing this, also as a public service. The future of your children is at stake here, and if you really want to do what is best for them, you will get out and vote, and make sure that you vote for change. The only thing standing between your child and their future in education, is you. Please, go vote and have your say.

Hal Trammell

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  1. Robert A Williams

    Hal, Very well said. And there are names behind all your examples.

    Robert A. Williams

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