Cleveland County Loses Lawsuit, Pays Off, But Still Won’t Do Right.!!! Same with Cleveland Community College!!! No Matter–More Lawsuits Are On the Way –Forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The following message was sent directly to Commissioners Eddie Holbrook, Susan Allen, Johnny Hutchins and Ronnie Whetstine as well as County Manager Jason Falls All of the information provided in previous articles were also directly sent to these same people so they cannot, without lying, say they know nothing about this. As for the Commissioner’s June 21, 2016 Commissioner’s meeting noted below, I attended this very meeting and am an Eye Witness that what has been described below is true. I also, on my own, asked the Commissioners about the investigation they were asked to do and the commissioners have refused to admit that they were ever asked to look into this situation. But, they were.

Also note that Rev. Murphy sued Cleveland County in Federal Court on the matters described in his message and won. Note too that a lawsuit similar to this was filed several days ago in Federal Court and regarding one of the many scandals at Cleveland Community College\-Where the Board of Trustees also refuses to do what is right. Several more are reported to be on the way. How many lawsuits will it take for Cleveland County Government to be required to do right? How many elections will it take to show Cleveland County elected officials the door when they won’t do right?

The message below speaks for itself. I don’t have to say another word.

From: Rev. Dante Murphy to the Cleveland County Commissioners

Cleveland County continues to put the lives of innocent children at risk due to its unwillingness to confront proven allegations that DSS officials forced frontline supervisors to provide misleading and false information to the EEOC. Those same individuals were ultimately forced under oath during the sworn depositions to reveal the truth. Commissioners have within their reach solid proof of lies and deception that puts Cleveland County DSS under an inevitable scrutiny and hinders their ability to fulfill the duty of investigating and bringing to trial allegations of abuse and neglect towards the children of Cleveland County. Lawyers representing criminals and neglectful parents now have the ability to call into question any testimony coming out of the department of social services. Innocent families also face the terror of being framed and wrongfully accused.

At or around June 21, 2016 I pleaded with Cleveland County elected officials to investigate social services for its scare tactics, intimidation, and corruption. The wealth of information that came out of court ordered depositions and discovery evidence in the Murphy vs. Cleveland County DSS lawsuit provided county commissioners with a clear avenue to make informed decisions and needed changes to the department. Written documents and a recording previously made public showed DSS lied about the attempts to bar me from preaching. I am additionally bringing to your attention and attaching to this document a damning email that the Deputy Director of Social Services, Jane Shooter, sent to all employees. This email wrongfully denied and discouraged employees access to the human resource department. The email was sent out soon after I and other employees felt that we were being misguided, bullied, and intimidated by upper social services management regarding employment issues. These issues included, but not limited to, denial of benefits such as FMLA, sick and vacation leave, and overtime. Human Resource Director, Allison Mauney, testified under oath during depositions that she confronted Jane Shooter about the email and told her that the email was a violation and should have never been sent to employees. This is one of the many tactics that is employed by social services management to prevent unscrupulous information and illegal acts from seeping out into the public.

For the sake of Cleveland County children who are at the mercy of social services to protect them from criminals and neglectful parents, it is my hope that you will at some point take this matter seriously. Citizens of Cleveland County should demand that County Attorney and House Speaker, Tim Moore, intervene in this matter and give commissioners the needed guidance in righting the wrongs that have existed within an agency that requires the highest level of integrity.

—–Original Message—–
From: Jane Shooter []
Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2015 2:39 PM
To: -1DSS Supervisors
Subject: Protocol

Please forward to staff:

There have been several situations recently where workers have circumvented the chain of command. We have a protocol which we are confident has been discussed with all employees. If you have a situation or question and you think “I believe I’ll call HR”- please stop and remember that you are to first go to your supervisor. If he or she can not resolve your issue the
supervisor will advise you on the next step. This may involve talking with the Program Manager, possibly Angie, possibly Jane or Karen. Generally when you call HR directly they in turn call us to say a worker has called and they pass the situation back to us to handle.

Please let me know if you have questions about this protocol.

Rev. Dante’ A. Murphy

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