Shelby Women’s Club School Board Forum Report!!!– Last Hurrah for Democrats, Kathy Falls too ! –Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The Shelby Women’s Club held a School Board Candidates Forum at 6:00 PM October 24, 2017. Food was provided by Arby’s. This was the only Candidates forums I am aware of that provided food. Hint! Hint!!

This was the last major school board forum that I attended this election year and most likely the one that put the final nail in the coffin for the Democrat candidates as well as for Candidate Kathy Falls, who did not attend.

This forum as I have previously noted was a “Public Participation” forum where the questions asked the candidates came directly from the public. The public’s questions were written out on cards, put into a basket and the Moderator read them out to the candidates. There were also opening and closing statements, some rebuttals and a stern warning to Candidates that they were expected to answer the questions from the public.

And the Woman’s Club were adamant that that the candidates answered questions from the public as Democrat Candidates Tom Cat Greene and Bully Glover learned the hard way. In particular, one question that I submitted, which asked the candidates to explain why the School Board allowed and directed a high level CCS staff member to copy Facebook comments from a citizen and take those comments to the persons employer for the purpose of making a “retaliatory attack”: on that person in an attempt to get that person fired from his job-which failed. The person’s name was used in the actual question, with permission but I have decided not to use the persons name in this report.

Democrat Candidate Tom Cat Greene immediately popped off, claiming “that was an inappropriate question.” Tom Cat even threatened to leave the forum if answering that question was required. The Women’s Club President Libbey Lavendar ruled that the question was indeed appropriate and every candidate was expected to answer that question. With that stern warning taking the “Huff and Puff” out of Tom Cat, Tom Cat abandoned his threat to leave and sat back down without an answer. Candidate Danny Blanton was the next person and answered that the question was 110% true and the CCS had indeed retaliated against the citizen by trying to get the person fired. Blanton had even spoken to the persons employer who confirmed everything. According to Blanton, this kind of actions by CCS deserved disciplinary action. All other Candidates, although stating they did not know exactly what happened stated that, if true, disciplinary action was appropriate. Except for Bully Glover who simply lied and said that he “didn’t know anything about it,” although that person has also attended the NAACP forum a few days earlier and called Glover out on it right in front of the audience. Since the Fair “Cotton Booth” fiasco, Bully has taken up saying he didn’t know anything about anything that is controversial and embarrassing in regard to his time in office on the School Board.

In another question I submitted, which was “why does the School Board refuse to provide public records that were lawfully requested and the school board was legally required to provide?” The response from Bully and Tom Cat were similar, “the public records requests would be turned over to the Superintendent.” Clearly forgetting that the Board has the responsibility to see to it that the Superintendent followed state laws as a big part of his job at CCS. Robert Queen stated that CCS had also not properly responded to many of the public records requests that he submitted and that the School Board had the responsibility to oversee the CCS Superintendent and insure State Law was followed. Danny Blanton stated that not only had CCS not provided public records to members of the public, but they also refused to provide records to him as a Board Member, that he had requested. According to Blanton, when he asked for records, “the school board would go into closed session and vote 8-1 to order the Superintendent not to provide the records that I had asked for.” Candidates Rodney Fitch, Kevin Whisnant, Dena Green and Coleman Hunt stated it was the Superintendent’s responsibility to provide records as required by law and the school board should hold the Superintendent responsible.

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