More on the first of many Lawsuits against Cleveland Community College and the Board of Trustees!!! –Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Folks, No matter what you have been told through the local gossip mill, through a friend of a friend of a cousin of somebody at CCC or on the Board of Trustees or what you might think about all the gossip: the rubber is getting ready to hit the road in the Federal Court Lawsuit COMPLAINT that I am attaching at the end of this article. Somebody is about to pay big bucks for doing bad and illegal things. Whether CCC or the BoT has insurance or not, in the long run the taxpayers eventually foot the bill.

Before you get to the end and read the whole complaint, let me make some key points that you will end up reading for yourself.

1. Paragraph 5 of the Complaint clearly and accurately states that the CCC Board of Trustees is the governing body of CCC and “are empowered and authorized to defend legal actions on behalf of CCC pursuant to N.C. Gen Stat. §115D-14.” Of course being the governing body of CCC, they have the responsibility to ensure that CCC is properly operated and supervised. A responsibility the Board of Trustees clearly has not fulfilled. Those that say the Board of Trustees are only there to support and advise CCC and the President are wrong and some (Probably all) are going to find this out the hard way before this case and jury trial are over. What more can I say, the fools didn’t listen when they had the chance to do the right thing. If ever a case deserves to be lost by CCC and the BoT, it is this one-and a few more that are forthcoming as I hear through the grapevine.

2. Paragraphs 10 through 29 provide information that shows the Plaintiff, Wanda Leonard, was well qualified, actually started the particular program at CCC, built up that program, all of her students passed and were well qualified. that plaintiff was older and more experienced than just about everybody else-but performing much better than adequate, was fired for no stated reason, and was replaced by two persons who were younger and were NOT qualified for the position. Note that the Board of Trustees also heard complaints from others about dumbing down courses and hiring and promoting less qualified persons and also refused to listen directly to the persons making the complaints. Such a complaint has included Shannon Kennedy, who is now the CCC Executive Vice President who was allegedly promoted over more qualified persons and who was alleged to be the person responsible for the wrongful discharges of many well qualified employees.

3. Paragraph 30 indicates a planned pattern of abuse where older and better qualified persons were terminated to make way for younger and less qualified persons to save on management costs. However, there seems to be no decrease in management costs, which indicates those savings were reallocated to upper management, resulting in a very top heavy salary scale. Scroll on back several months on my article that provides and evaluates that top heavy management scale.
4. Paragraphs 31 and 32 provide more information regarding a planned scheme by CCC to get rid of older and better qualified employees just to hire younger, less qualified and cheaper employees.

Paragraph 33 and 34 show a timeline regarding plaintiff filing documents of complaint with the EEOC and the EEOC ruling that Plaintiff had the right to file suit against CCC and the BoT. This shows the Board of Trustees knew there were problems, refused to do anything reasonable and just swept under the rug instead of making the right decisions that would have righted wrongs and avoided this and other forthcoming lawsuits.

Citizens of Cleveland County, in most cases filing a lawsuit is the last resort in resolving an issue. Now you have one against DSS that the plaintiff was awarded $55,000, this one that will probably cost more and other lawsuits in the pipeline. This should tell us that our governing bodies: Commissioners, CCS School Board and the CCC Board of Trustees are corrupt and payback is coming. Wouldn’t it be better just to elect or appoint people that are not corrupt and do things right in the first place.

The chance is right now to put on four good candidates for the School Board (Danny Blanton, Rodney Fitch. Robert Queen and Kevin Whisnant) by getting out to vote next week and then go for some good commissioners in 2018. If we had been keeping our eyes on the ball, none of the following lawsuit would have happened.

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