Breaking News!!!–Cleveland Community College Sued In Federal Court!!!–First of Many Anticipated!!! Report By Robert A. Williams

The attached Notice of Federal Lawsuits filed in the Western District of North Carolina shows “Leonard v. Cleveland Community College, The Trustees of Cleveland Community College” was filed yesterday, October 30, 2017. This case is an alleged Civil Rights-Age Discrimination Case that evolved from a complaint brought to the CCC Board of Trustees that was ignored by the Trustees. As was other reports that were also ignored.

I expect CCC and the CCC Board of Trustees will be up to their eyeballs with Federal Lawsuits in the coming months. And rightly so. The old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” comes to mind. This arrogant CCC Board of Trustees has refused to properly consider employee complaints, and when their so-called “Committee” reviews the complaints, they stupidly refuse to talk to or interview the person making the complaint.

In discussions with this Committee Chairman, H. Allen Langley, I have asked about this lack of conversation with the person making the complaint. Mr. Langley replied that that was not the “Board’s Protocol.” My response was, “then the ‘Board’s Protocol’ is WRONG.” Apparently the Federal EEOC investigators agreed with my assessment as they gave the Plaintiff permission to file suit against CCC as well as the Trustees themselves. Which has been done.

Now, the Federal Justice system will take over and if justice is done the Plaintiff will be awarded a large sum of money for the purpose of reimbursing the Plaintiff for her loss of income, expenses, etc. and to teach CCC and the Board of Trustees the cold, hard facts of life for not complying with the law. Of course the money will eventually come from the taxpayers and voters of Cleveland County. The purpose there is to teach us the cold, hard facts of life for electing those who appointed this scoundrel CCC Board of Trustees in the first place.

That is why the 2017 School Board Election going on now is so important. That Board just got through re-appointing Mr. Langley as well as three of the other Board of Trustee members who refused to listen to the complaint in the first place.

As I have advised the honorable folks on the CCS Board of Trustees, who have been outvoted, to immediately resign from that CCC Board of Trustees and they have not resigned; I suspect that option is too late now. And they are about to learn the cold, hard facts of life just like those who deserve to have to learn the cold, hard facts of life. They should have listened to reason when they had the chance.

But Nooo! Now they will probably have to dig in their heels like the other Board members and try to convince a jury that what they did was right. Even though what they did was obviously wrong.

So, folks, electing Danny Blanton, Rodney Fitch, Robert Queen and Kevin Whisnant to the School Board goes to the top of our “To Do List.” Electing a new majority of County Commissioners next year is the second item on our “To Do List.” Voting in the best candidates and voting out the worst candidates is how our government is supposed to work. If we open our eyes, us voters can straighten all this mess out over the next year.
Now, don’t believe a word I have said until you read the attached proof that this lawsuit has been filed just like I said. I will soon have a copy of the lawsuit in hand and I will provide that to you too. These are all public record and I have the right to ask for them. You do too. So Stay Tuned and don’t forget to vote next Tuesday.

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