Rev. Dr. Rit Varriale Speaks out about School Board Elections Forwarded from Facebook by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Folks, I have often been known to say, don’t believe me, See for yourself. This time I say, Please read the following letter from Dr. Rit Varriale, Senior Pastor at Elizabeth Baptist Church. The Church that flies the Christian Flag above all. I couldn’t have said this any better.

The decision by the NC Legislature to make the Cleveland County School Board race partisan has drawn significant attention. Detractors of the decision have argued that local school boards should not be drawn into politics at all. Seriously? Local school boards have always been drawn into politics, and no one knows that better than school board members. That said, the sharp political divide in our culture, makes the declaration of party affiliation the right decision for numerous reasons, but I’ll only mention three:
1) political persuasion;
2) individual influence; and
3) community clarity.

First, the citizens of Cleveland County deserve to know the political persuasion of those seeking to lead our children. Gone are the days when the GOP and the DNC had more in common than otherwise. Gone are the days when people agreed on common sense issues like the definition of marriage and gender. In a day and age when subjective feelings subvert objective truth, it is imperative that we know the political persuasions of those running for school board because those persuasions will be promoted in our schools. Thus, knowing the party affiliation of school board members serves our community well because it reveals the influences that will influence the children of Cleveland County.

Second, and quite obviously, members of the school board have a direct influence on our children. Thus, it is important to know what influences them. Whether we are talking about a community’s dependence on big government, school prayer, sex-education curriculum, the constitutional power of the courts, or matters of personal responsibility and discipline, the policies and agendas that influence our school board members will have a direct impact on every family in Cleveland County.

Third, if we are to strengthen the lives of our children, then community cooperation is essential. This cooperation will only come when there is a moral courage among our community leaders. The current composition of the Cleveland County School Board lacks such courage. Remove prayer from schools, and the majority of them won’t get upset. Indoctrinate children with the LGBTQ agenda, and most of them will shrug their shoulders and say the courts made them do it. Vigorously promote sports but fail to provide textbooks, and they won’t be overly concerned. Renovate administrative buildings to the tune of millions of dollars while teachers and students function in impoverished conditions, and they will say the budget allocations required such spending. Citizens of Cleveland County, it’s time for a change.

This November, we need to vote “FOUR” change. There are FOUR candidates (Kevin Whisnant, Robert Queen, Rodney Fitch, and Danny Blanton) who have FOUR emphases to their campaign (Prayer; Traditional Values; Positive Change; and Our Children). Remember this slogan – “FOUR for FOUR.” If the people from the northern part of our county will come out in record numbers, then we will have a board that prays before its meetings. If the churches of Cleveland County will honor God in the voting booth, then traditional views of marriage and sexuality will be encouraged in our schools. If the people of Cleveland County will stand together for God and country, then we bring about a positive change in the lives of our kids!

Don’t sit this one out. Come out and vote this November!


Dr. Rit Varriale

I second this message. Election Day is November 7, 2017. Early voting is going on all this week. I always recommend voting on Election Day at your own voting place. Take a carload with you to vote.

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