Why Are Cleveland County Workers Abandoning Ship?? Question by Robert A. Williams

A call came in tonight asking me had I heard anything about County Commissioner Staff Attorney Andrea Leslie-Fite leaving her job and going elsewhere. And, for what reason? I had not heard this so I did a little checking.

First of all, Andrea Leslie-Fite had began talking about coming full time to the County when Commissioners were secretly plotting to fire Bob Yelton, Leslie-Fite’s partner, as County Attorney. The purpose being to make room so they could hire Tim Moore as County Attorney. This became a big brouhaha when Bob Yelton, after his firing by Commissioner Chairman Jason Falls (now County Manager), provided us with a letter with his account of how the Commissioners had acted unscrupulously through the whole affair. We published Mr. Yelton’s letter as well as disclosed the first cousin relationship between Jason Falls and Tim Moore. Other news media, including the Shelby Star, the Charlotte Observer and TV news around the State picked up the report. And asked questions. If you scroll on back to June, 2015 you will find my article that first released Mr. Yelton’s letter.

Anyway, Yelton was fired as County Attorney, Leslie-Fite had made her commitment to come aboard full time with the County and Tim Moore was hired as the County Attorney.

Also, in relative proximity of this timeline, County Manager Eddie Bailes went to lunch one day and never come back to work. Jeff Richardson was hired as the new County Manager. Eddie Bailes has never spoken a word about why he left.

Now, Jeff Richardson is also leaving Cleveland County and Andrea Leslie-Fite has been gone for almost two months and not a peep from anybody.

Leslie-Fite is now an Assistant City Attorney in Charlotte, Jeff Richardson is close to leaving for his new job as County Manager in Charlottesville, Va. And Eddie Bailes is somewhere unknown to me. Jason Falls resigned as County Commissioner and has taken over as the new County Manager, a job he has no training and experience for but will be paid over $125,000 plus benefits. Some would think plus whatever he can steal.

And, Chris Crepps is also gone with no official reason given and everybody is hush mouthed about.

So, the question becomes, What the heck is going on in the Commissioner’s Chambers behind closed doors? You have to assume it is crooked because all the Commissioners have exercised their Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

All these employees leaving, with one for cause (maybe), indicates they are abandoning a sinking ship. Or something? And I would not particularly believe any story the Commissioners come up with if they ever do. But somebody knows and sooner or later the news will come out. Stay tuned.

Also Folks, After this 2017 School Board Election is finished, the 2018 Commissioner Elections will be in our cross hairs as we look for the truth regarding Cleveland County Government. We believe Democrat and Republican Candidates for the County Commissioner office will be flocking to sign up to run against the Commissioners
who have run our ship into an iceberg.

Stay Tuned for 2018 Election. People are fed up and fighting mad about the scandals and the corruption. We are too. We will make some changes in the Commissioner’s Offices next year and as long as it takes to Make Cleveland County Great Again.

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