Update on Burns High School FFA Fair Booth that was banned by CCS Because Cotton, Heritage and “Dixie” are Offensive to somebody, somewhere-Maybe??? –Update and Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Scroll on back for my first article about this issue published September 27, 2017 and the next several articles to refresh your memory. And, sit down. You are not going to like how this story has ended up. Except it is not really over until Election Day.

OK now, I am going to start this article where these other articles left off. CCS Board Chairman Bully Glover was whining that he had noting to do with anything and everybody was picking on him. School Board member Danny Blanton had requested an emergency called School Board meeting. The FFA Fair Booth was gone from the Fair premises but there was time to make things right and put it back in place.

Going forward from there:

School Board Member Donnie Thurman, Jr. fires up his Facebook page with support for Bully Glover. Thurman even does a long video clip supporting Glover. Thurman adds stuff saying Cleveland County is being divided instead of coming together, which is in and of itself divisive and targeted to low information voters who don’t know any better. The facts are this: it is an election year and different candidates have different ideas and opinions. You go to the voting booth on election day and make your choice. Whoever gets the most votes wins. That’s how it is. That is how America works. Like it or leave it some would say. This coming together stuff is too often used by those who really mean “You come together to my way of thinking or I will call you bad names.” Like dividers. Like haters. My experience is those persons and groups who most use the word “divisive” and “hate” are the most divisive and hateful.

And, that is not all for Donnie Thurman, Jr. and his Facebook followers. Thurman goes to great lengths defending all those NFL players “taking the knee” to the National Anthem. And then puts down President Trump for recommending actions against the NFL teams-such as boycotts. It must be too much “fake news” for Donnie Thurman not to realize that the freedom of speech that allows NFL players to spout treason against the USA has consequences. Just as NFL players have rights, so does President Donald Trump as well as you and me to stop watching NFL games, stop buying NFL stuff and boycott those companies who advertise during NFL games. Just yesterday Vice President Pence walked out of a NFL game when 15 players took the knee to the National Anthem. Wake up and smell the roses Donnie Thurman, Jr. You are the one who preaches divisiveness and hate for the things that have made America great.

Then this issue goes crazy on those that started it. CCS. Everybody is mad at CCS for banning the FFA Exhibit on the agricultural heritage of Cleveland County. Everybody is mad at Board Chairman Bully Glover for saying he didn’t know anything about it and has “done NOTHING wrong. People are mad at CCS Superintendent Stephen Fisher too, Fisher is also claiming not to know anything. But Glover is the one up for re-election and Glover is scared.

Actually all the “status quo” folks are scared too. The folks who call the shots on everything are scared too. According to the “shot callers” this issue has got to be shut down. No more talking by anybody. Of course they won’t be able to shut me up. All they can do is call me names. Like a liar. But folks, I usually put out or point to public documents that are the proof of what I write. So, I don’t care what they call me.

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