CCS Banning Cotton, Dixie–What others are saying!!! Forwarded by Robert a. Williams

Editor’s Note: As usual Hal Trammell tells it like it is.

Palmetto News-Opinion has posted a new item, ‘School official s cotton decision was dumb’
[Ed. note: Now that I’ve calmed down a bit, I present my take on the fiasco that took place in Cleveland County about a week ago….Hal]

Shelby, NC — As election day nears, the contest for the Cleveland County Board of Education has fired up considerably. In the first partisan school board election, the most recent outrage is about the Burns High FFA’s display at the Cleveland County Fair. Their display was chosen in tandem with the theme, 100 Years of Career and Technical Education. As it is a well known fact, for many years, cotton was king, in Cleveland County. In this display, there was a sign or placard that read, “Old times there are not forgotten” – and that upset the apple cart. And then I read a line that was written in an article of the local Shelby paper, The Shelby Star:

“The display paid tribute to the county’s long history of cotton and how it’s now a thing of the past in Cleveland.”

Of course it’s a thing of the past. History usually is! That doesn’t make cotton, nor the song, irrelevant. Cotton is still used today, and it’s provable by seeing how many sets of cotton panties are all in a wad from this behavior. And the words, old times there are not forgotten, are words to a song. From the past. Which is history. That is in the past. It has gotten to a place where there is now a class of perpetual offended whiners. The professional offended. If this continues, there will be nothing to show for history on anything and anyone, because someone, somewhere will be offended. And God knows, thou shalt not be offended, lest your panties be in a bunch.

School administrators decided that those words from the song “Dixie” should be removed, as they would not be received, without causing some offense to someone. So, the display was changed, the words removed, and that’s that. The problem with this mess is the fact that it’s not about being offended or someone being hurt by it. No, it’s about power. Will someone please explain to me how the words “old times there are not forgotten” are offensive, but song lyrics that glorify rape, robbery, drugs, killing cops and a gangsta lifestyle, are fine? (We would add “‘taking a knee” to the National Anthem” to that list some think are just fine and dandy.)

Thanks Hal Trammell for your perspective.

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