Crazy Stuff at Oct 3rd 2017 Commissioner’s Meeting!!! –Jason Falls Resigns as Commissioner-Then Appointed Interim County Manager!!– Commissioner’s Give Away Old Courthouse-Again! –Report by Robert A. Williams

Just when you thought you have seen it all at a Commissioner’s Meeting, you realize you haven’t.

At the end of the Oct 3rd meeting agenda there was a Closed Session item entitled “Closed Session per NCGS 143-318.11(a)(6) to consider the qualifications of an individual public officer.” Presented by Commissioner Chairman Eddie Holbrook. This turned out to be another Commissioner planned scheme to get one over on the public-taxpayers.

When the Commissioners came back into open session, they had an announcement. Commissioner Jason Falls had resigned from his elected office as county commissioner effective immediately and was now appointed as the interim County Manager effective October 9th. They issued a Press Release saying all of that but nobody but Political Smack Down has talked about it much (until now). Smack Down Co-Host Mike Philbeck said he was “shocked” by this press release and joked that he probably should have gone to the hospital with his heart murmur over that shocking news. Smack Down Co-Host and former longtime Chairman of the Democrat Party, Dean Westmoreland, called the commissioner’s actions “Crooked as a dog’s hind leg” and stated “this don’t pass the ‘Smell Test’ if it ends up being permanent.” Westmoreland and Co Host Andy Dedmon then went into a bit of discussion about this being like Madison County-which was well known as the political corruption capital of North Carolina a few years back when the Ponder family controlled everything. An oblique comparison to Jason Falls being County Attorney Tim Moore’s first cousin.

Of course I immediately requested the minutes of the meeting, closed and open, and the audio recording of both. According to State Law, when the purpose of a closed session has been accomplished, such records are immediately public records. The Commissioners have not provided those documents and most likely they will not, which is against the law but they don’t care. The DA always does nothing about this sort of thing. (Stay tuned for some articles about wrong-doings and lawsuit payments by DSS as well as wrong-doings in the DA’s Office.)

I also requested information from the County regarding Jason Falls on the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees now that he will be the County Manager as well as information regarding the qualifications for county manager and how Jason Falls would meet those qualifications. Some sources say Jason Falls also resigned from or will resign from the Community College Board of Trustees. The CCC BoT’s next meeting is October 17, 2017. We will know for sure by then.

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