A New Sex Scandal at Cleveland Community College–Or Not??? –You Decide !!!!–Report by Robert A. Williams

Former CCC President Steve Thornburg was caught with having a “vulgar” password (fuckshannon69) on his College Computer System for ten years and it ended up costing him his job and his reputation. Former CCC Board of Trustees member and now re-appointed by the School Board Allen Langley has a bit of explaining to do with his own language on Facebook regarding a female employee at CCC. We have listed the Facebook exchange below exactly as it was written. The pictures were face shots and the copies I received from sources was not clear enough for scanning.

Athena Smith: The picture on the left was made my profile picture one year ago. The picture on the right was taken this morning. Not exactly the same angle, but this was a big eye opener for me! One year and less 63 lbs. I think it shows here. WOW #weightloss #weightlossjouney #diet #lifestylechange #getfit #gethealthy #getactive #gone

Jennifer Thomas: I am so proud of you!!!

Brooke Boyd Bem: Hey! You look amazing. Huge difference! Keep it up!

H. Allen Langley: Is it about time for nudy shots?

H. Allen Langley: Just asking.

Athena Smith: O lord H. Allen, as flattering as that is, that’ll never happen.

This exchange has been sent to many persons around Cleveland County and beyond. I think the CCC Board of Trustees should have access to this Facebook exchange by one of their Board members so nobody will be blindsided. It is up to the CCC Board of Trustees and Allen Langley to decide what, if anything, is done about this and proper notice to the public be given of any board decision or explanation.

Allen Langley has already told me that he wished he had not made these statements, that they were done in jest, didn’t mean anything, were no big deal, but he apologized nonetheless. I agree with all that except the part that the statements were no big deal. I think the statements as well as previous published statements Mr. Langley has made without speaking to the whistleblowers themselves regarding investigations he has been charged by the CCC Board of Trustees to lead should disqualify Mr. Langley from leading the investigations from here on out as there is potential bias and certainly a perceived bias at the least. This is polarizing and multiplied by the CCC Board of Trustees as well as the School Board who re-appointed Mr. Langley without discussion of this issue or any issues regarding potential wrongdoing of both CCC and CCS as related to the investigations.

Others have not been so kind to Mr. Langley and the CCC Board of Trustees as a whole.

Hal Trammell of the Palmetto News-Opinion made the following comments. In part regarding the “nudy” picture statement

There’s nothing in the handbook

I can almost understand why the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees remained silent after they came back from their closed session, last Sunday evening. After the local newspaper coverage of the investigations that were ongoing, it makes perfect sense. I wouldn’t want them talking either. Especially, after this revelation:

One such claim is of an inner-office affair among two high-ranking employees at the college. “Though there is nothing in the handbook that prohibits office romances, Langley said the committee still decided to investigate.”

Sorry, but if you think that a handbook’s lack of mentioning that it doesn’t prohibit a married man and woman, having an affair, clears them of wrong doing…The handbook probably doesn’t have anything in it that would prohibit a man seeking a woman to send him a nude picture either. I haven’t seen a handbook that is made up totally of common sense. Handbooks are fine, for the purpose they are supposed to achieve. But it’s hard to believe a trustee would make such a statement to the news media, in regards to such serious allegations. Yes, quiet please!

There’s nothing in the handbook about tattletales, but they abound. Same for bullies on staff. Same for “hall monitors” and busy bodies on staff. When the upper crust behaves as if their underlings are beholden to them, and they should hop aboard the mutual admiration society, that’s a good sign it’s already a bridge too far.

Maybe, a new administration will come in, and bring back some integrity and good will to the place that was once loved by many. What was once a fine institution of instruction, has of late, become a den of obstruction and destruction. That isn’t in the handbook either, but it’s time for it to stop.

Please provide your comments at the end of this article or send me an email so I can publish your response. Allen Langley, the CCS and CCC Board members are encouraged to tell their side of the story regarding this issue. Something others were not allowed to do regarding their issues.

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6 Comments for “A New Sex Scandal at Cleveland Community College–Or Not??? –You Decide !!!!–Report by Robert A. Williams”

  1. Robert A Williams

    To John Doe

    Your name calling “ad hominem attack” (attacking the messenger) comment was not approved.

    Robert A. Williams

  2. Susie

    It seems as you read more about Langley you see how biased he really
    is. Everything he says and does is to cover all his disgusting acts.
    His article in the Shelby Star this past week was totally biased and
    one sided. He should never have been reelected or appointed to the
    Board as he can not be honest in his comments or actions.

    I wonder just what type of paperwork he has sent through in reference to two of our great employees who are dedicated to the college. I bet that was
    totally biased.To all those who appoint or reelect members for the committee, maybe you need to open your eyes and get some people who have integrity and respect for the college, employees and even themselves. Do they
    “really” have to have a business and money to be a member of BoT??????????

    • Sunshine

      Thank goodness our governor can appoint 4 board members. I think Mrs Carrigan and our sheriff will help lead these Trustees on the right path. At least I hope so.

  3. Know too much

    I am glad I am not the only one that noticed the comment Mr. Langley made about an inner office romances, especially when we are talking about the two top people at CCC. Is there no integrity left in Cleveland County?

  4. Bill will

    Can ANYBODY please explain to me WHY the Cleveland County School Board was so determined to have Allen Langley as their nominee to the CCC BOT when Allen Langley’s children do not attend Cleveland County Scools? They attend Thomas Jefferson. CCS has been prolific in their denouncement of TJ and charter schools in general.

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